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public safety.


Knightscope was launched in April 2013 by William Santana Li and Stacy Dean Stephens. The Company was formed in response to the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook, the Boston bombings, and the attacks of 9/11.

Knightscope is an advanced security technology company based in Silicon Valley that builds fully
autonomous security robots that deter, detect and report.  Its mission is to make America the safest country in the world.

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  • 7 Years of Innovation
  • $70m Capital Raised
  • Operating Hours Over 1 million

We are...


At Knightscope, we think differently. On a given day, you may hear things like “artificial intelligence”, “self-driving technology”, “robotics”, and “software engineering”. Our terminology may sound a little different than a typical office, and we like it that way. We are self-proclaimed nerds and we are continually brainstorming, testing, and implementing our robot’s lidar, ultrasonic sensors, GPS, wheel odometry, internal measurement unit, and indeed anything that can improve our robots or lead to a breakthrough in modern technology.

Law Enforcement

Dedication – Responsibility – Honor. These are just a few words we take to heart at Knightscope. In fact, many of us spent a considerable amount of our lives serving this country. The truth is, this company was founded in the wake of Sandy Hook and 911 and some of us were actively serving on those unforgettable days. We at Knightscope care deeply about the great people of this country and that is why we have made it our goal to make the United States of America the safest country on earth.


For many, there is no better feeling than representing the stars and stripes as a member of the armed forces. A number of us here at Knightscope once called our home the military. We lived day in and day out with one purpose in mind – to stand up for the principles and moral fabric this country was built on. These sentiments stand true for all of us at Knightscope – we believe in the greater good for society, morality, order, and decency. And we believe in each other to push forward our dreams to help protect the good people of our communities.

Meet our incredible team.

Building a safer future - one robot at a time.

See yourself contributing to the future of public safety?

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