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Top 10 Things Security Robots Will Not Do

While there are limits to autonomous security robot capabilities today, at times it seems there are no limits to the bad choices that humans can make. Here are a few examples of poor decisions that you do NOT have to worry about with your security robot…but you may need to worry with your human security guard (!)

1. Entering the office of a tenant (who happened to be a boxing champion), without authorization. Stripping down to his undershorts, taking the tenant’s World Title Belt from its trophy case, and wearing it for a solo shadow boxing session… and being caught in the act on the surveillance cameras. #champion

2. Taking a nap (at work) in an empty trailer at a warehouse, only to be locked in the trailer and transported to a logistics facility in another state. #teleporting

3. Destroying a brand new concrete plaza with hot oil, which spilled from the (prohibited) turkey fryer that an employee brought to work so that he could have a private “cookout”. #thanksgiving

4. Opening the private, secured garage of an office building and charging for public parking for a nearby weekend event, without permission, and pocketing the cash (again, on camera). #sidegig

5. Texting while driving, and bouncing the patrol truck off of three luxury sedans. #itcanwait

6. Wearing two samurai swords and carrying num-chuks to work because the “No Firearms” policy did not explicitly extend to weapons of martial arts. #ninja

7. Opting for a black spandex body suit in lieu of the standard-issue uniform, for fashion reasons. #trendy

8. Microwaving fish in the break room (repeatedly, despite signage and complaints). #ironchef

9. Getting into an entirely avoidable fight at work… with a skunk… and losing. #aroma

10. “Booting” improperly parked vehicles, demanding payment of an unofficial “fine”, and pocketing the cash. #capitalism

It is likely these prized human episodes would not have occurred if a security guard was teamed up with a security robot as part of the Knightscope SOFTWARE + HARDWARE + HUMANS strategy. So next time you decide to entrust the security of your facility to a human guard, might we suggest a Knightscope security robot accompany them on the mission?

P.S. The above are actual examples from our teammates (i.e., unnamed sources) that have years of experience in physical security. Names have been withheld to protect the humans. Request a private #securityrobot demo at www.knightscope.com and let’s see how we can work #together!



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