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Knightscope Operations Specialists: the humans behind the machines

Knightscope operates in 15 states and 4 time zones and we monitor our fleet of robots 24/7, and while our robots are easy to spot, there are many heroes behind them who are not.

The role of Operations Specialist requires a dedicated person who aims for nothing less than excellent customer service and we have several such team members as part of our team. From taking calls at midnight to chatting with a client during an emergency, the job is never a dull one.

Here is a quick interview with Richie Krauss, one of our Operation Specialists, to give you a flavor of what goes on behind-the-scenes.  He was interviewed by Mercedes Soria, VP Software Engineering, at Knightscope Headquarters on May 30, 2018

Can you tell me a bit about yourself? Where did you go to school and what do you think about Silicon Valley?

I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I earned a degree in English and a certificate in Computer Science. Silicon Valley is exciting, especially when you think about all of the creativity and innovation that takes place here. There is also so much to do in the Bay Area.

What made you decide to work at a startup and especially at Knightscope?

I think the allure of being a part of something that starts small but becomes something larger than yourself. In terms of why I chose Knightscope? I think I just really believe in our mission statement. As a U.S. Army veteran who served two tours in Iraq, I have always been a person who feels a great sense of service to others. So, the idea of helping reduce and prevent crime for the greater benefit of our community, and in a larger sense our society, was something that really resonated with me during my interviews.

What do you think is the most necessary quality for someone to do this job?

Anyone that works as an Operations Specialist at Knightscope should possess the ability to adapt. The Operations Specialist wears many hats. One week we may be deploying our Autonomous Data Machines in a live environment and the next week we are providing remote technical support to a client or even building robots. In our position, you need to, operationally, understand all aspects of the robots from software and hardware to client facing.

What is the most exciting thing about your job?

When I started working for Knightscope, I had no idea that robots actually existed, much less being sold commercially. Now that I have been with the company for almost a year, it is pretty insane that robots are so normal to me now, but at the same time have not lost their luster or shine. I never could have imagined as a kid that I would be working directly with robots or that they would become such a routine part of my life and it is exciting because I cannot wait to bring that feeling to the general public.

How about customers? What their normal reaction when they see a machine?

The normal reaction is disbelief. The client normally turns into a wide-eyed child. There is a great deal of excitement when they find out that it is moving completely on its own.

What is the most difficult thing you have had to do in this job?

The most difficult aspect of this job is also the most rewarding. In the Operations Specialist role, because we wear so many different hats, it can be difficult to become proficient in one particular area. It takes time to start to understand each aspect of our role, but as a result, things start to come together, and you have a broader understanding of everything that is going on at the company.

Any funny situation that you remember?

Recently, I deployed a robot at the nation’s largest casino, and many of the casino patrons thought that our robot was a slot machine and proceeded to try and insert their money!

Your most memorable day at work?

My most memorable day working for Knightscope was when I deployed my first robot in a live environment. It is rewarding to see the faces of our clients once they finally see the robot patrolling autonomously.

Do you have any hobbies?

Yes. I am a huge video game player and collector. I have 15 consoles and over 3,000 games that I have accumulated and played since childhood.

Wow, Richie, you are quite the collector!

Knightscope is poised to scale nationwide across all 50 states and star employees like Richie are part of why our customers are raving not only about our robots but also our top notch customer service.

To find out more about Knightscope and how we can help your security strategy, feel free request a demo here and hopefully you’ll get a chance to meet our stellar operations team – and we will have the honor to serve you!



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