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Knightscope Securing America’s Airports

Knightscope K1 ADM at a major U.S. airport

Security professionals managing our nation’s 5,000+ airports face increasing challenges in keeping passengers, employees and vendors safe. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reflected in their recent report that there are 4 major threats to airport security:

  • airport employees
  • aviation
  • cybersecurity
  • security on the ground within and outside of the airport and conflict zones

Nick Careen, Senior Vice President, airport passenger, cargo at IATA states “Airline systems are secure, but not without risk. We need nimble layers of protection, a security culture and advanced capabilities of detection. These must be powered by intelligence and information sharing.”

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security came to many of the same conclusions in the February 2017 briefing. They identified the security threats at the 450 airports under their control as: insider or airport employee threats and lack of adequate access control

The deficiencies in access control is of particular concern given the dramatic increase of terrorist groups laser focused on penetrating U.S. airport security to commit acts of terrorism. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) implemented new rules in October 2017 that now requires all U.S. domestic airline travelers to remove all electronic items larger than mobile phones such as tablets, e-readers and video game consoles from carry-on baggage for screening. These rules are designed to help quickly identify potential explosive materials that terrorists could be placing in these devices. These types of threats will require the security leader of today and tomorrow to utilize a robust program infused with new technology to secure our nation’s airports.

One major airport is experiencing the benefits of partnering with Knightscope to address these threats. They are utilizing Knightscope’s Autonomous Data Machines (ADM) to record license plates, engage in eye level video surveillance and alert arriving passengers in the baggage claim area and exterior passenger pick up areas not to take rides from unauthorized vendors.

Knightscope is answering the call to equip these leaders with cutting edge technology. The U.S. Department of Justice suggests that visible surveillance can deter crime up to 40% in most cases. Knightscope security robots provide a strong physical presence at 5 foot tall and weighing in at 400 lbs with a powerful strobe light and patrolling sound for our K5 ADM which is used both indoors and outdoors. Plus they autonomously operate 24/7 without human intervention as well as provide time/location/event based broadcast messages and live two-way intercom.

The K1 ADM stationary unit provides a solution for the increased need for advanced levels of detection needed in our nations airports. The simple to install machine requires simply power and can provide unprecedented situational awareness to security professionals through our intuitive browser-based user interface, the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC).  At this particular airport, both K1 and K5 feed into the same deployment for a seamless experience at your fingertips.  There have been plenty of news articles out there but here is one for your reference.

Airport security professionals need to look no further than Knightscope as their partner to face the many challenging threats day in and day out. Request a private free demo here and we look forward to working with you to better secure your airports and reduce costs!



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