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What Do You Mean It Talks?!

Knightscope K1 stationary security robot with Concierge (beta)

Yes, Knightscope’s Autonomous Data Machines can now converse with your patrons, employees, vendors or anyone visiting your location!  Today we are excited to announce a new feature in beta testing, we call Concierge, available to select new clients.

Concierge allows a two-way human-machine conversation to occur with our security robots.  The use of artificial intelligence can help easily extract the user’s intention and generate a natural response. Concierge’s knowledge database is extremely customizable so you can tailor it perfectly for your site.


Your Knightscope K1 stationary security robot can facilitate the visitor registration process and simultaneously record eye-level video of the visitor along with numerous other security-related detections. This information can prove to be incredibly valuable when securing your facility and assets. Concierge applications can range from access control, answering questions about your company, helping users locate buildings, providing information about corporate policies, and much more.

Here’s an example of how one client intends to utilize the technology while saving money, providing a unique brand-enhancing experience to visitors and giving the security team a force multiplier effect so that they can together cover a lot more ground.

Knightscope K1: Welcome to Acme Hammer Company!  If you are a visitor, please press the button to begin your registration process.

Visitor: presses button

Knightscope K1: Thank you. I am the AHC007 security robot and I will be helping you with your visitor registration process.  If at any time during our conversation you need to speak with a human security officer, press the button again. Do you have an appointment?

Visitor:  Yes

Knightscope K1: Excellent.  Please complete the registration process via the screen on the desk. When the system asks for your security clearance ticket number, press the intercom button again and a human security officer or I will provide that for you.  Happy hammering!

Knightscope K3 indoor fully autonomous security robot with Concierge (beta)

Knightscope K3 indoor fully autonomous security robot with Concierge (beta)


Mall visitor presses button on patrolling Knightscope K3 indoor autonomous data machine.  ADM stops and….

Knightscope K3: To call security press again. To ask questions wait for the green lights.

Visitor: What are you?

Knightscope K3: I am an Autonomous Data Machine, or ADM for short. I patrol the premises, recognize security anomalies, and assist guests.

Visitor: Where is Macy’s?

Knightscope K3: Macy’s is located in the East End of the shopping center.

Visitor: Where is the East End?

Knightscope K3: If you face Stevens Creek Boulevard, the east side of the mall is on your left. The west side of the mall is on your right.

Visitor: What should I have for lunch?

Knightscope K3: What are you hungry for? Name a category. For Example. Healthy. Coffee. Vegetarian.

Visitor: Healthy. 

Knightscope K3: I recommend Nordstrom E-Bar. Pizza My Heart. Sarku Japan. Or Subway.  

Visitor: Thank you!

Knightscope K3: Thank you for shopping with us!

If Knightscope (www.knightscope.com) can be helpful to you in better securing your premises in a positive brand-enhancing manner, give us a chance to provide you a private virtual demo.  You can simply sign-up here and a client development executive will get back to you in short order.

We presently hold contracts in 16 states across 4 time zones running 24/7 at malls, corporate campuses, manufacturing facilities, financial services units, stadiums, airports, hospitals, casinos, commercial property, residential and many more – and we look forward to working with you!



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