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Knightscope Security Robots Rack Up More Crime Fighting Wins

Knightscope has documented and verified recent reports of the following benefits achieved utilizing its security robot technologies at numerous locations:

  • Armed Robbery – security robot provided the best evidence of armed robbery and theft of vehicle. Data provided to law enforcement in time to arrest suspect.

  • Be On The Lookout – assisted a law enforcement agency with an investigation by providing high definition quality video and license plate detections for 30 instances over a period of 4 months of the BOLO (Be On The Lookout)

  • Burglaries – elicited confession to a law enforcement agency for two burglaries and felony property damage using evidence solely collected from a Knightscope robot

  • Feeling of Safety – improved sense of security voiced to Administration and Security Director by nurses and doctors while walking to their cars after dark

  • Fire – identified heat anomaly in a hair styling kiosk; officers dispatched, removed kiosk covering and found equipment left turned on; thermal camera on security robot helped to avoid a major fire

  • Fraud – assisted a real estate owner in stopping a fraudulent insurance claim

  • Hit and Run – helped in identification and verification of car involved in hit and run in parking lot; security robot data was directly responsible for catching the suspect

  • Perimeter Expansion – assisted a casino operator with extending their signal detection perimeter capabilities to outside of facility and adding eye level high definition video at critical ingress / egress location

  • Sexual Predator – helped law enforcement issue an arrest warrant for a sexual predator

  • Stolen Bikes – significantly reduced bike theft, with numerous bikes stolen prior to the Knightscope deployment, and only one incident since

  • Thief – helped a security guard catch a thief in a retail establishment

  • Trespassing – client has prevented trespassers and substance abusers from loitering and sleeping on their premises. As a result of deploying the Knightscope security robot, they haven’t had a trespasser in 6 months.

  • Vandalism – assisted a corporation in tracking down a vandal

  • Vehicle Break-Ins – client was experiencing 1 – 2 vehicle break-ins or thefts per week; has gone down to ZERO in the last 10+ months since Knightscope machine was deployed

In addition to the numerous successes above, clients are also reaping the benefits of the added physical deterrence and cost savings supplied by the large security robots. One such case study was published by XPO Logistics (NYSE: XPO) and may be found here for review.

Knightscope continues to deliver on its mission to give its security professional clients unprecedented new capabilities, allowing them to provide safer places to work, shop and visit.



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