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Emory and Knightscope Collaboration

ABOVE: Knightscope hosted Emory University students in Silicon Valley led by Mercedes Soria, executive vice president and chief intelligence officer, Knightscope, Inc. and Emory alumnus (red top)

Acts of violence and property crime lead many communities, organizations, and individuals to up efforts in security. Knightscope, Inc., a developer of advanced security technologies utilizing fully autonomous robots continues to expand its offerings to fight and deter the criminal element.

Knightscope disrupts the physical security industry and prides itself on developing cutting edge technology. Such pioneering spirit led the company to partner with graduate students at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School eager to work with data and provide input to improving public safety. Students in the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program joined Knightscope for “Project Data Saber” to analyze records from security robots’ signal detection feature. The system can automatically categorize the data and subsequently find anomalies present in the vicinity of the robots. According to Mercedes Soria, executive vice president and chief intelligence officer at Knightscope, such “out of the ordinary findings will help predict other issues.”

“So far, Knightscope has been preventing negative behavior and events from happening and has had numerous crime-fighting wins but it is time to start predicting crime,” Soria said.

Results of Project Data Saber are expected at the end of the month.

All students in the MSBA program work on a real-world, experiential learning project prior to graduation. Student teams apply skills of data science, machine learning and visualization to solve sponsor firms’ business problems. Deliverables include a robust technical handover package with empirical models, code and cleansed data, a business deck explaining the benefits and methodology, and an executive dashboard developed on a visualization platform such as Tableau.

“This partnership is a great example of a real business opportunity that requires data science skills combined with a wonderful, engaged client team,” said Ben Eugrin, managing director of the MSBA program. “Our students not only develop strong technical solutions, as business data scientists, they look at the holistic problem and provide solutions that will be actionable and add value.”

About Knightscope

Knightscope is an advanced security technology company based in Silicon Valley and builds the ultimate in security guards. Our security robots deter, detect and report…autonomously. Our long-term ambition is to make the United States of America the safest country in the world. Learn more about us at www.knightscope.com.

About Goizueta Business School’s Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA)

The MSBA imparts strong technical and quantitative training plus comprehensive business acumen, all within a top 20 business school. This intense program is designed to produce a business data scientist, one who can speak the language of business, technology, and data. In the Capstone project, student teams apply their skills to solve sponsor firms’ business problems using the firm’s proprietary data. Learn more at http://emory.biz/msba.

About Goizueta Business School

Business education has been an integral part of Emory University’s identity since 1919. That kind of longevity and significance does not come without a culture built around success and service. Emory University’s Goizueta Business School offers a unique, community-oriented environment paired with the academic prestige of a major research institution. Goizueta trains business leaders of today and tomorrow with an Undergraduate degree program, a Two-Year Full-Time MBA, a One-Year MBA, a Master of Science in Business Analytics, an Evening MBA, an Executive MBA (Weekend and Modular formats), a Doctoral degree and a portfolio of non-degree Emory Executive Education courses. Together, the Goizueta community strives to solve the world’s most pressing business problems. The school is named for the late Roberto C. Goizueta, former Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company.



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