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Robots – The New Standard in Security

The security guarding industry is quite an old industry.  For as long as there have been people gatherings or valuables to keep safe, humans have been doing the job.  Due to a significant lack of both innovation and new groundbreaking technologies, the guarding industry is ripe for change… ripe for disruption.  New advancements in technology and automation are hitting all types of industries and robots are here to help humans do the monotonous, tedious and boring parts of their jobs while providing additional eyes and ears for better situational awareness.  Robots can do the computational heavy work that no human could ever possibly do.

Automation with the help of Artificial Intelligence and robotics has given life to many industries, from manufacturing to order fulfillment to consumer/residential cleaning, technology is dramatically changing how people approach their jobs and live their lives.  The most successful companies are those who can see a macro trend happening and use it to their advantage.

Robots being used for security is not a new concept.  Companies like Knightscope have been around for over 6 years offering these products – and many have attempted to enter the growing sector.  One of the most important questions that a potential security robot customer must answer is: “does the product have a traceable direct value for my company?”.  The answer is yes.  Case studies have shown that people have an added sense of safety where security robots are utilized and, in some cases, have led to the complete elimination of superfluous guard posts.  While we do not go to market to replace human beings, we do find that this might be an added benefit in certain circumstances. See our crime-fighting wins here.

Did you ever wonder what happened to all the bank tellers when the ATM machine was invented? People lost their minds claiming that human tellers would surely be put out of work and that personal banking would cease to exist.  Quite the contrary – they are now able to offer more benefits to bank customers and do so in a much more efficient manner.  Within a few years of the first ATM installation, they became the default method of interacting with your bank.  Check out this crazy graph!


Thought the bank tellers were going to disappear with automation?


This is the path and destiny for robots in the security sector, as well.  Currently, there are security robots at malls, manufacturing plants, hospitals, stadiums, logistics facilities, corporate offices, casinos and much more (see our gallery here).

Security robots are not just nice-to-haves or for only those organizations on the bleeding edge of technology anymore.  They are becoming part of the everyday lives of both Americans and people around the world. In fact, the both the City of Hayward and the City of Huntington Park are now both Knightscope clients.

The capabilities of robots go well beyond that of simply monitoring an area for security.  They gather very useful information helpful for general workplace safety (i.e. detecting an overheating pipe and alerting humans that it was about to burst); they provide a means of communication when seeking information; and they represent your brand in a fun and eye-catching way.  Robots are becoming the new standard for security.

Today, you would never consider constructing a new building without a fire alarm or smoke detector.  It is an assumed standard in safety and security.  With the fast pace of advancements in technology and new, impressive capabilities being developed every year, it will soon be equally inconceivable to find a place without a security robot helping humans better protect the places you visit and work!



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