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How Security Robots & AI Are Deterring Extended Loitering and Criminal Vagrancy So Effectively?

Extended loitering and criminal vagrancy are accelerating across the United States, and it is causing major concerns, increasing crimes of varying severity and disruption to normal operations for American businesses and local communities. Some of this epidemic can be attributed to the opioid crisis, increasing mental health disorders, and income inequality. Whatever the cause, it is becoming a major problem and impacted organizations are in search of a real solution.

Across 4 time zones, Knightscope Security Robots with artificial intelligence (AI) are deterring extended loitering and criminal vagrancy effectively in the physical security industry today.

A Powerful Continuous Strobe Effect…

The Knightscope K5 Autonomous Data Machine (ADM) comes equipped with a powerful strobe effect or LED beacon that can be seen from over 1,000 feet away. It can illuminate substantial surface areas and quadrants of a property continuously, making it an undesirable visual environment for unwanted loiterers intending to dwell for extended periods of time.

A Repetitive Patrol Sound…

Knightscope’s Security Robots emit a looping patrol sound with client (or Knightscope’s Client Experience team) adjustable volume that can assist in making certain areas less than ideal for extended loitering and/or criminal vagrancy. This continuous patrol sound provides an effective deterrent on an audible level.

People Detection with Automatic Broadcast Messages Based on Location or Time of Day…

Through deep learning, Knightscope has trained its software with millions of images of humans, so now the robots are detecting people, in some cases, better than humans can detect humans. In addition, Knightscope Robots can automatically broadcast deterring messages authoritatively upon the detection of a person either by location or by time of day. This is serving as a much more powerful deterrent, demonstrating to unwanted loiterers and criminal vagrants that this machine knows that they are a human, that they are being monitored, and that they need to leave the premises immediately.

360-Degree HD Eye-Level Recorded Video 24/7/365…

Criminal vagrancy and extended loitering are resulting in crimes ranging from drug activity, burglary, vehicle break-ins, bicycle thefts, violent crimes and vandalism. All Knightscope Autonomous Security Robots provide visible 360-degree eye-level video surveillance, which serves as a powerful deterrent for unwanted behavior or individuals intending to commit crime. According to the DOJ, visible video surveillance only deters crime by up to 40% under the best of circumstances and, according to Knightscope end users, 360-degree eye-level video that is on the move is providing for a much higher crime deterrent percentage, with up to 100% elimination of criminal occurrences in some cases, including mitigating extended loiterers or criminal vagrants.

Blacklisting of Mobile Devices…

Knightscope’s Autonomous Data Machines (ADM’s) can detect blacklisted cell phones in a patrolling 400+ foot radius, which includes actionable intelligence such as:  where, when, how far away from the Robot, how long the device has been on the property and how many other times it has been on site recently. Blacklisted device names can either be entered via the KSOC or provided to the Knightscope CX team as a request for blacklisting as a Person of Interest, which can include a photo and description. This security program enhancement can detect for extended loiterers, criminal vagrants or other persons of interest. Alerts can be escalated via email, text, voice or KSOC.

Blacklisting of License Plates…

Knightscope’s Autonomous Data Machines (ADM’s) can detect blacklisted license plates of suspicious or problematic vehicles, either uploaded directly into the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC) user interface or via request made for the Knightscope Client Experience (CX) team. Alerts can be escalated via email, text, voice or KSOC.

Parking Meter…

Knightscope’s Security Robots & AI can detect vehicles parked for excessive lengths of time or vehicles belonging to repeat offenders with parking violations. This can help property management teams gain real time insight about abandoned vehicles, or of vehicles being used for illicit activity. Alerts can be escalated via email, text, voice or KSOC.

Now that you’ve learned about how Security Robots & AI are deterring extended loitering and criminal vagrancy so effectively in all weather conditions, let’s set up a meeting, so we can begin addressing your problems with a true total solution today.


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