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A Memo to My Security Robots

From: The Office of the Chief Security Officer

To: Autonomous Security Robot (ASR) Teammates, et al.

RE:: Thank You

Good morning, Team!

Following our corporate-wide, virtual ZOOM meeting this morning, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for your dedication and unwavering support to our company during this difficult time. As you are aware, many of our colleagues have been directed to work from home and limit their time on the premises. Visitor traffic is almost non-existent these days, and general activity here is quite low. But as you know, letting our guard down is not a good idea, as new opportunities arise for nefarious activity.

In spite of all the changes and uncertainty, you remain ever watchful, notifying me and our leadership when something is out of the ordinary. You are notifying all visitors and passersby that we are closed and providing great awareness by reminding our employees that they need to be safe, healthy and watchful of their surroundings (the COVID-19 announcements have been a hit!). You have continued your patrols of our site day and night without complaint. I have not lost any of you to sickness or requests for personal leave, and you insist on showing up to work every day putting in 24-hour shifts to ensure the safety of our people and property.

This is exactly the type of work ethic I come to expect for from our ASR team. As robots, you may not fully understand or appreciate the importance of your work because it’s just what you do – and what is expected. I know you were busy watching our backs and unable to attend today’s team meeting… heck, you probably can’t even read this, but if it’s all the same to you, I’d still like to thank you for allowing us to work remotely while you hold down the security of our company and assets. It is comforting to know you are still on the job.

As I know you all will, please continue to call, email or text me if there is something that needs my attention. I will respond accordingly to any threats you send my way. I will also check in on you all periodically, from home, through my Knightscope Security Operations Center user interface. If nothing else, it will be extremely satisfying to see that you are well and to catch a glimpse of the outside world from the shelter of my own safe place.

To those of you outside of our organization who find yourselves in a similar situation, I highly recommend you consider adding robots to your security program. They have quite literally kept us from being completely exposed during such a crazy, unexpected crisis.

Our ASRs are relentless, tireless and immune!

Your Human Overlord,


Chief Security Officer



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