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Managing Emerging Threats

Security managers are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating programs to fortify readiness levels for the next potential threat. We have spent countless hours, weeks and months training and researching to prepare for things like workplace violence, retail theft, cargo theft and so on – anything to deter, detect, delay and/or deny criminal activity. We analyze the latest trends in criminal behavior and try to identify anything that could shut down an industry, whether it be critical infrastructure, healthcare, aviation, etc.

The recent threat to global health and well-being has revealed to security teams that there are other means by which we may be shut down or left vulnerable. Who would have ever thought that a pandemic would be the cause of such chaos to the security profession? ASIS has eight books available that make up the backbone of the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) study material. We went through all eight books looking for relevant case studies and guidance on the keywords of Pandemic, Virus and Outbreak. There were ZERO chapters that addressed these topics. Ok, if you have read them carefully, there is actually one… in information security.

We are now in the exciting position of being able make history by writing the chapter on “How to Manage Emerging Threats.” Very few of us have ever had the opportunity in our lifetimes to contribute in such a meaningful way to what our future colleagues will do when faced with something so catastrophic. We already found out the hard way that our colleagues of the past did not, so it is our time to step up.

We would certainly prefer to make advancements under better circumstances, but we are weathering the storm head on and supporting our Knightscope users as they make unprecedented advancements in their security programs. There have been many out of the box ideas in maintaining a solid security posture amid the increase of activity in some places (like hospitals), while others see a decline and are running smaller teams in response to government requirements.


We have been able to quickly adjust robot patrols in response to increased traffic at advanced screening centers and triage areas; created new routes for clients that have temporarily shut down; and moved support systems, such as charging docks, to accommodate new mustering patterns. One of the most basic features – audio broadcast messaging – has helped our client’s calm visitors and provide reminders of safety and hygiene. All accomplished within a matter of minutes to no longer than 24hrs. Our clients were able to quickly shift their priorities and protocols with no disruption in operations by quickly notifying Knightscope of what they needed. And we are proud to say we were able to make it happen.

When we assess our next technology piece to add to our program, these are the out of the box ideas that we need to think about. How can I quickly adjust what I have without creating more vulnerabilities? How can my technology help me pass on information to people over and over in the same way, every time? Can I move my technology to a more critical spot without leaving me vulnerable in a less critical space? These are all the questions our clients are answering “yes” to with the help of Knightscope’s Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs).

As we advance in the security industry, we can take something away from what is occurring right now – we just added a new threat to our assessment matrix. Maybe what you are doing right now is working just fine, but are you satisfied with “just fine,” or would you like to do so much better? Trust that those of us at Knightscope want you to do better and join us in helping to make the United States the safest country in the world.




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