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COVID-19 is Driving Budget Cuts – BUT DON’T PANIC

PHOTO: this is a simulation of non-compliance with social distancing guidelines for meetings but the robots are immune


Budgets from top to bottom are seemingly being obliterated in 2020. Sales and revenue are down – even non-existent for many businesses – due to the impact of COVID-19. In response to new risks and threats arising from the pandemic, some have had to double or triple their security officer spend. These unexpected issues are creating a dire need for businesses to quickly identify ways to reduce costs for the remainder of the year and, more than likely, into 2021 once the situation hopefully normalizes.

If it hasn’t happened already, imagine being called to attend an internal emergency meeting to discuss immediate budget cuts and revisions, and then marching across the hall into another to strategize on how your organization will be better prepared the next time this occurs. We’re already seeing security budgets being reduced significantly or even eliminated entirely in some cases. We’ve all heard it before, do more with less. But don’t despair, and don’t go post your resume online just yet.  Our Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs) can support your security team to do more… with a reduced security budget!

Let’s take a look at them strictly from a budgetary perspective.  Hypothetically, if a company has a 2020 security guard budget of $800k but must now comply with a mandated 25% reduction across all operating costs, this will leave a security team scrambling to maximize their reduced budget of $600k. But here’s an example of how we can help. First, incorporating just one autonomous security robot in lieu of 24/7 security officers will result in an additional $89k for other security positions (officers, dispatchers, supervisors, managers, etc.) per these average costs:

  • 24/7 Security Officers: $174k per year*

  • 24/7 Autonomous Security Robot: $85k per year

  • Savings: $89k per year

If you increase the robots to two in lieu of 24/7 security officers, this will result in $178k for other security positions (officers, dispatchers, supervisors, managers, etc.) per the same average costs:

  • 24/7 Security Officers: $348k per year*

  • 24/7 Autonomous Security Robots: $170k per year

  • Savings: $178k per year

 * based on an industry average $14 hourly pay rate and $20 hourly contract security bill rate.

You’ve likely used other security technologies before to reduce security officer costs and maximize your budget, such as access control and closed-circuit television, as this has been the industry trend for years now.  It is time to add Autonomous Security Robots.  The delta in annual cost is too significant not to.

But now, what about that second internal meeting about being better prepared the next time your company faces a similar crisis? What can ASRs do to help your company?

ASRs Deter Crime

If you regularly follow our blogs, you’ve seen some of our crime stats before and they are definitely worthy of a cut and paste:

  • A major hospital network was experiencing, on average, 2 crimes per week in the parking lot of one of their main hospitals.  Once our K5 Autonomous Security Robot was deployed, the crimes were eliminated, recording zero crimes in the following 12 months.

  • After using a K5 for the first 7 months in a public park, the Huntington Park Police Department recorded a 46% reduction in crimes and 68% reduction in citations.

  • A commercial property in downtown San Francisco was averaging 20 crimes per month in their parking structure including trespassing, vandalisms, and thefts. After deploying a K5, they recorded just 1 crime in 12 months.

Click here for a quick video summarizing what the criminal element has experienced thus far at one location.

Now, turn up the speakers on the device you’re on and click this link to see and hear what a criminal would actually face at your site with an ASR.

Are you back? What you just saw and heard – the patrol sound, the flashing LED light, the five plus feet tall moving robot – contribute significantly to deterring crime at our clients’ sites.

Now, what about your contingency planning for the next crisis and what your team can do better next time?

Here are some of the benefits ASRs will bring to your sites:

Enhance remote video monitoring effectiveness.  Whether you’re monitoring a property remotely yourself through your CCTV system, you have a command center or security operations center monitoring it, or you are using a remote video monitoring center service to do this for you, ASRs provide a unique capability to investigate an incident and reach areas not covered by cameras, delivering real-time video and two-way audio.


Support Facility Management. If you have a facility that is shut down or has reduced operations and personnel, the ASRs can perform a facility tour at ground level, with 360-degree live video, to inspect landscaping, fencing, lighting, safety conditions, and much more. Take a look at these still video images taken by the ASR at our headquarters.  Imagine being able to see every inch of your facility remotely, as if you were onsite and taking a walk around, but with a set of eyes on each side of your head! Here is a short video clip of that feature.

ASRs are immune to COVID-19.  They will be on duty, deterring, detecting, and alerting 24/7.

Contingent patrol routes can be preprogrammed to expand coverage in the event your security team is short-staffed due to illness or other staffing challenges.

Keep your security team safe.  The intercom feature built into the ASR allows your security team to minimize interaction with the public, reducing their risk of exposure to COVID-19. The ASR could literally be your gatekeeper or receptionist.

Promote COVID-19 prevention. Here’s a sample of messages ASRs can broadcast: “Please maintain social distances while at this site.” “All employees are required to wear face masks.” “Please use hand sanitizer when entering and exciting this facility.” “If you feel ill, please push my intercom button before entering this facility.” Turn up the volume again and you can check the video out here.

Are you now ready to head back into those internal meetings with recommendations for your security budget and contingency planning? Feel free to cut and paste any of this information into your PowerPoint presentation. And of course, please reach out to us if you’d like help building a custom cost analysis, proposal, and presentation for your sites… or better yet, schedule a virtual demo today and we’ll present to your entire team alongside you.

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