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The Sales Game – Even Robots Can Use Indeed.com

The Knightscope K5 has a resume?

A common trait among the highest sales performers is that they “live to sell.” They LOVE being in the role of “the closer” or “the hunter”. A quota is merely a benchmark for the average. They don’t try to hide from the fact that they sell and have turned the buyer-seller relationship into a game – a game with rules that they create! But Sales is much more than just a numbers game, it’s a prospecting game. Great salespeople love prospecting for new business opportunities and are always seeking out creative ways to reach their target audience.

Upon joining the Knightscope team, one such hunter – Nick – imagined himself in the role of a security professional and began thinking through how he could benefit from robots, where robots would be needed the most, and ways to save a significant amount of money by implementing Autonomous Security Robot (ASR) technologies. Education is a part of every sales process but in our case, it is a key factor since most do not even understand what a #securityrobot does. Nick figured that if he could educate those responsible for making security decisions about a robot’s capabilities, features and benefits in a way that fits into their normal process of strengthening their security program, then the Knightscope robot would sell itself and the decision would be a no brainer.

Nick set out to understand our buyer persona (our ideal customer based on demographics, behavioral patterns, motivations, and goals). He stepped back into the clients’ shoes to see a day in the life through their eyes – what are they seeking in their security guard candidates in terms of education, skills, certifications, and experience? He researched roles/positions he believed were most consistent with our typical clientele and began learning what they were looking for in an ideal employee.


While researching, Nick noticed numerous job postings for security guards with job descriptions that closely matched the mission of security robots.  The light bulb came on and he realized if the people hiring for these positions knew about Knightscope’s robots, it may change their entire outlook on implementing technology in a new and meaningful way.  Nick consulted with his teammates, held a creative brainstorming discussion and developed an innovative marketing campaign that centered around setting up a Knightscope K5 candidate profile complete with a resume highlighting its professional history, successes, capabilities and attributes.

The K5’s profile provides a brief summary that highlights its eidetic memory using features such as automatic license plate recognition, thermal heat sensing and device detection.  There are examples listed of how its technology has been utilized across the U.S. along with the cost benefit it provided to those using its services.

The K5’s education section highlights the importance of the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC) software and how it delivers results, contributes to the maintenance and health of the robots while also providing software updates when necessary.

For work experience, he showcased the diversity of the K5’s “employers” and the multitude of industries in which Knightscope robots may be utilized.  Highlighted positions include Pechanga Resort and Casino to show that an industry built on extremely impressive security standards successfully integrated it into their program; the Huntington Park Police Department to impress upon hiring managers that even a municipal police department entrusted their safety oversight to a robot; and Dignity Health, which demonstrates that a large hospital with a large capacity for patients, visitors, and employees can successfully negotiate a pandemic without missing a beat.

The accomplishments section features the actual statistics on reduction of criminal activity that Knightscope Robots have achieved since being deployed with the Huntington Park Police Department – a 10% decrease in calls for service, 46% decrease in crime reports, 27% increase in arrests, and 68 % decrease in citations were statistics that provided hard evidence of the effectiveness of our solution.

Finally, the resume ends with the K5’s hobbies that cover a little about what it likes to do best: providing evidence for prosecuting criminals, deterring vagrancy, preventing vehicle break-ins and working the full-time equivalent of 4.2 employees – and it does so all while taking the occasional time-out with an adoring fans for a quick robot selfie.

The goal was to use the K5 resume to apply to job postings looking to hire security guards and, in doing so, getting the information about security robots into the hands of decision makers.  The plan worked and we booked several demos within the first week of activity.  Like any good candidate, the K5 will to continue revise its resume to hone in on the ideal opportunities. The sales game is won when salespeople act professionally and treat selling as a profession.  Now let’s all do our part to help K5 get its next full-time position!


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