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By The Numbers

Knightscope is the only company in the world (that we know of) commercially operating fully autonomous “vehicles” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in all types of environmental conditions across an entire country – with no human intervention. The Knightscope team now has deployment contracts across five (5) US time zones. Working with several of the Fortune 1000, and in its seventh year since being founded, Knightscope has accumulated valuable real-world experience as well as concrete performance statistics.

Over 1 Million Miles Traveled and 527,000 Operating Miles

Knightscope’s patrolling K3 and K5 Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs) are configured with wheel odometers tracking how far each machine has traveled on a continuous basis. With a 24/7 Machine-as-a-Service model, Knightscope’s fleet of ASRs have traveled more than 527,000 operating miles commercially, and they have traveled more than 1 million miles overall. This important metric is tracked and reported to clients on a routine basis, including in Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR’s) to demonstrate coverage and presence. Patrolling at roughly two to three miles per hour, the K3 and K5 are patrolling around the clock, and even while they are autonomously charging for minutes at a time, they are still recording 360 degrees in HD, processing detections and alerts and speaking to people automatically upon detection or by interval of time.

10.5 Million License Plate Detections

With 360-degree Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) included with K5 ASRs, and K1 stationary machines equipped with static ALPR, Knightscope’s robot fleet has detected more than 10.5 million license plates. This critical data set is continuously scanned for Be on the Lookout (BOLO) individuals or licenses plates belonging to Persons of Interest for respective client sites.

Knightscope K5s are also tracking how long each vehicle has been parked in a particular area with Parking Meter. Knightscope clients are then able to receive alerts via email, text, or in our cloud-based user interface – the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC) – for vehicles exceeding predefined duration of time thresholds by location or even parking level for multi-level garages. This is vital for limited term parking enforcement or for gaining real time visibility for caches of stolen or even abandoned vehicles.

With this data, Knightscope clients have been able to continuously search license plates retrieved by their machines with full or partial plate numbers. They have also been able to upload or export all of their license plate data by the thousands to .CSV files directly from the KSOC.

1.4 Billion Signals Detected

Spanning more than five years of commercial operations Knightscope’s fleet of ASRs have detected over 1.4 billion device signals. This powerful feature is constantly scanning a 400+ foot foot radius from each Knightscope machine for any device emitting a Wi-Fi signal. These public signals can be anything from cell phones to unknown or suspicious devices (i.e., rogue router). The detections provide for a rich data set for real time alerts for possible cyber-intrusions, potential detonation devices or threats of workplace violence or public safety.

240 Million People Detected

With powerful People Detection analytics, Knightscope’s ASRs have had over 240 million detections of people. These People Detections can be escalated as alerts based on predefined client thresholds for time of day and location. Knightscope robots can also automatically broadcast messages when a person is detected with messages such as “good morning,” “thanks for visiting xyz site” or “authorities have been notified of your presence,” also dependent upon time and/or location.

80 Million Thermal Images

Knightscope’s Robots that are deployed with Thermal Imaging cameras have processed over 80 million thermal images. Anomalies arising out of these Thermal detections can also be escalated via KSOC alerts, email or text message or voice based on predefined temperature threshold based on time of day or location. These can be alerts representing an escalating temperature from a fire hazard or the body temperature of a human who has fallen to the ground in a poorly lit environment.

1,100 Be on the Lookout (BOLO) Alert Notifications

Throughout its deployments, Knightscope’s Robots & AI software have communicated alerts in real time for individuals on a client-generated BOLO list. These alerts can be instantly relayed via email, text, KSOC alerts or voice notifications. This number is crucial, as these could represent workplace violence threats, domestic violence threats, industrial espionage threats, criminal threats and/or threats to Public Safety.

49 People to Mac Address Matches

Over the years, Knightscope’s Robots & AI software have relayed 49 people to Mac Address matches. These represent individuals that have had their Mac Addresses not only flagged but matched as belonging to that individual. Our clients may also include photos of that individual as well as a description of the reason they have been flagged and/or blacklisted when entering them into the KSOC to provide an additional layer of identification when an alert is triggered.

40 Blacklisted License Plates Found

With each K5 equipped with 360-degree Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) and K1s with static ALPR, Knightscope’s fleet of robots has provided real time alerts for license plates that had previously been blacklisted or entered as BOLO individuals in the KSOC. This critical information is entered by Knightscope client KSOC users when a known or perceived threat is made. As with other alerts, these blacklisted license plates can be escalated in real time via email, text, KSOC alert and/or voice notifications.

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