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Are You Prepared To Manage COVID-19 Through The Winter?;

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Winter is here… my how time has flown by. Whether you’re working from home these days or not, the season is now breathing cold air down our backs. But more importantly and concerning is while we all hope COVID-19 goes away and the vaccines bring everything back to “normal,” we need to be prepared to deal with it for several more months at a minimum, if not much, much longer.

Our apologies for the negativity. We’re certainly not trying to bring your spirits down as we kick off this new year. All of us here at Knightscope are working hard to keep our heads up, maintain a positive attitude and focus our attention on sharing the positive message about how our robots keep people safer. We are here to help our current and future clients to be prepared for the best-case scenario, but potentially for the worst case, too. That’s what we do in public safety and security. It comes with the job and it is our responsibility. Just like our robots, we send alerts when a potential risk is detected!

Hindsight is 20/20. If you could rewind time back to the beginning of 2020 or earlier, what would you do differently? Initially, many were thinking everything would be back to normal within a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and the current situation raises some really alarming questions that we need to consider:

How much longer will we see double a digit national unemployment rate?

What impact is this, and will this continue to have, on crime in your area?

Will we see a spike in the homeless population?

What would the impact be if you have just one employee tests positive for COVID-19?

How will the economic climate effect your organization throughout 2021 and beyond?

What new challenges will exist if you need to shut down one or more of your facilities?

Like us, many of our clients don’t have the answers to many of these questions which further validates their decision to incorporate our Autonomous Security Robots (ASR). Time and time again, they’ve reported the positive impact the ASRs have had in deterring and detecting criminal activity. Here are just a few examples:

  • A major hospital network was experiencing, on average, 2 crimes per week in the parking lot of one of their main hospitals. Once our K5 ASR was deployed, the crimes were eliminated, recording zero crimes in the following 12 months.
  • After using a K5 for the first 7 months in a public park, the Huntington Park Police Department recorded a 46% reduction in crimes and 68% reduction in citations (see details here).
  • A commercial property in downtown San Francisco was averaging 20 crimes per month in their parking structure, including trespassing, vandalisms, and thefts. After deploying a K5, they recorded just 1 crime in 12 months.

In addition to deterring crime, take a look at some other advantages the ASRs bring:

ASRs Are Immune to COVID-19. They will be on duty, deterring, detecting, and alerting 24/7. Deploying an ASR for routine patrol activities helps keep humans safe from the threat of mingling among large or small crowds of people. If an asymptomatic carrier coughs or sneezes on a robot, it does not have to run out and get tested for COVID-19 and wait days for the results… it just keeps working at no risk.

Support Facility Management. If you have a facility that is shut down or has reduced operations and personnel, the ASRs can perform a facility tour at ground level, with 360-degree live video, to inspect landscaping, fencing, lighting, safety conditions, and much more.

Enhance Remote Video Monitoring Effectiveness. Whether you’re monitoring a property remotely yourself through your CCTV system, you have a security operations center monitoring it, or are using a remote video monitoring center service to do this for you, ASRs provide a unique capability to investigate an incident and reach areas not covered by cameras, delivering real-time video and two-way audio.

Contingent Patrol Routes can be preprogrammed to expand coverage in the event your security team is short-staffed due to illness or other staffing challenges.

Keep your employees and security team safe. The intercom feature built into the ASR allows your team to minimize interaction with the public, reducing their risk of exposure to COVID-19. The ASR could literally be your gatekeeper or remote receptionist.

Promote COVID-19 Prevention. Here’s a sample of messages ASRs can broadcast in English and/or Spanish when a person is detected: See video below.

  • “Please maintain social distances while at this site.”
  • “All employees and visitors are required to wear a face mask.”
  • “Please use hand sanitizer when entering and exciting this facility.”
  • “If you feel ill or have had a fever in the past 14 days, please do not enter this facility.”

So as you bundle up to prepare for what the Winter will inevitably unleash upon us, it’s also time to think about how to best manage the ongoing pandemic to contribute to a brighter Spring outlook. And if you didn’t already know, we deliver, setup, program, maintain and service the robots entirely for you making it one of the easiest security services to incorporate. Please contact us for more information and to schedule a one-on-one demo today.

Have a healthy and safe 2021, and help protect your organization, its employees and those visiting.

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Security Guard Services To Autonomous Security Robots;

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Imagine spending your entire career in the Global Physical Security industry working your way up the corporate ladder, moving from one security guard services company to another. You grow to learn the industry lingo – terms such as “HPW,” “UBOT,” and “Verbal Judo” have become second nature to you. You continue expanding your knowledge base with professional security training, industry association seminars and countless site tours of Global Security Operations Centers (GSOCs) to analyze various ways to execute the mission in the field.

You built a network of strong relationships with industry experts, decision makers and career security professionals and soon became a trusted advisor for maximizing security program effectiveness through strategic recommendations based on years of experience. The potential of a site security team, or of a site security program, were what you had truly come to know.

Then one day out of the blue you are presented with an opportunity to drastically shift gears and start anew while helping to trailblaze a new industry. You are offered a position at an organization that is at the bleeding edge of AI, SaaS, Robotics and Self-Driving technology. This organization is the epitome of “cutting-edge…” it is Knightscope. You found yourself at the crossroads during a time when Autonomous Security Robots were transforming from what was once Hollywood fiction to what is now a reality in Global Physical Security. You do some soul searching. You imagine all of the possibilities and then you accept the position after considering the alternative: getting left behind in a struggling profession – an industry ripe for disruption.

On your first day at the office, you venture into a complete unknown. It’s a feeling of exciting uncertainty you haven’t felt in years. You meet the team and can’t believe how overwhelmingly kind, happy and highly intelligent each member of your new work family is. It almost seems unreal, but it gives you a deep feeling of warmth towards this new chapter in your career. You draw some comparisons as you gradually come to know your new work environment. What you once knew as a training room & training manager have now become a sea of workstations belonging to software programmers and machine learning models. A security guard uniform room is now a production area dedicated to custom outfits for Robots with client-specific logos, paint colors and designs. The old, dark dispatch center and scheduling team workspace morphed into a state-of-the-art 24/7 Knightscope Network Operations Center (KNOC) with a team of specialists monitoring real time diagnostics for a fleet of Robots. This is an entirely new world indeed!

As you learn about the Autonomous Security Robot (ASR) itself, you notice some similarities. The Robot patrols at walking speed just as an officer on foot patrol would. And, just as a Security Guard had eyes, ears, boots on the ground and voice, the Robot has eye-level, streaming video; live audio; wheels on the ground: and pre-recorded broadcast messages and intercom. With the same purpose of security guards patrolling in golf carts or patrol vehicles with revolving lights as a deterrent, ASRs have a highly visible lighting design and strobe effect that could be seen from over 1,000 feet away.

Similar to the original purpose of a security guard, the ASR is meant to deter, detect, observe and report. However, you quickly realize that there are many differences. The Robot doesn’t just have “eyes,” it has 360-degree HD video with powerful analytics making it more capable of detecting a human that the human eye may not even be able to see under certain conditions. In addition, it records everything 24/7 and stores it for instant recall at a later date. It isn’t reliant upon human memory or note taking. It has daylight / low light recording capability of everything it encounters. It also doesn’t just have ears, but a sensitive 16-microphone array with two-way audio functionality allowing humans to have a live conversation with another through the Robot itself as the communication medium.

Throughout your career, you interfaced extensively through a variety of proprietary, web-based softwares or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models. It had been offered often in tandem with other security guard services to expand the site security team’s incident reporting accuracy, facilitate more timely communication and as a system for performance checks and balances. But the software was always dependent on the security officer manually selecting from various drop-down menus, typing reports or onto a tablet or smart phone device, all the while taking the officer’s attention away from their current patrol or coverage area. Now, the Autonomous Security Robot is recording everything automatically, patrolling autonomously and continuously while it reports incidents or “Alerts” in real time via email, text, cloud-based software notifications or by initiating an intercom call.

The Autonomous Security Robot isn’t reliant upon completing various in-person or online training courses, but rather on machine learning, deep learning and refining its detection capabilities over time and moving toward reducing or even eliminating its margin of error. You recall an experience in the past when you were unable to remember a license plate number that could have led to catching a bad guy. And now, these ASRs are recording license plate numbers continuously… in 360 degrees… and can detect and alert you of a license plate it was asked to look for years earlier belonging to a Person of Interest (POI). They can even monitor how long a particular vehicle has been parked in a particular area and determine whether or not an Alert should be generated to flag something suspicious or even just a parking violation.

These Autonomous Security Robots can also detect cell phone or suspicious device names within a 492-foot radius and read the heat signature coming from a human, a potential source of fire or thermal hazards. They can, in a sense, see in the dark.

In reflection, and in honor of Mark Twain, you threw off your bowlines and sailed away from that safe harbor that you once knew as your career. You are now catching the trade winds in your sails and exploring, dreaming and discovering your new future.

If you think a career at Knightscope is for you, head over to our Careers Page to learn more. Join Us and Be a Force for Good!

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By The Numbers;

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Knightscope is the only company in the world (that we know of) commercially operating fully autonomous “vehicles” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in all types of environmental conditions across an entire country – with no human intervention. The Knightscope team now has deployment contracts across five (5) US time zones. Working with several of the Fortune 1000, and in its seventh year since being founded, Knightscope has accumulated valuable real-world experience as well as concrete performance statistics.

Over 1 Million Miles Traveled and 527,000 Operating Miles

Knightscope’s patrolling K3 and K5 Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs) are configured with wheel odometers tracking how far each machine has traveled on a continuous basis. With a 24/7 Machine-as-a-Service model, Knightscope’s fleet of ASRs have traveled more than 527,000 operating miles commercially, and they have traveled more than 1 million miles overall. This important metric is tracked and reported to clients on a routine basis, including in Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR’s) to demonstrate coverage and presence. Patrolling at roughly two to three miles per hour, the K3 and K5 are patrolling around the clock, and even while they are autonomously charging for minutes at a time, they are still recording 360 degrees in HD, processing detections and alerts and speaking to people automatically upon detection or by interval of time.

10.5 Million License Plate Detections

With 360-degree Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) included with K5 ASRs, and K1 stationary machines equipped with static ALPR, Knightscope’s robot fleet has detected more than 10.5 million license plates. This critical data set is continuously scanned for Be on the Lookout (BOLO) individuals or licenses plates belonging to Persons of Interest for respective client sites.

Knightscope K5s are also tracking how long each vehicle has been parked in a particular area with Parking Meter. Knightscope clients are then able to receive alerts via email, text, or in our cloud-based user interface – the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC) – for vehicles exceeding predefined duration of time thresholds by location or even parking level for multi-level garages. This is vital for limited term parking enforcement or for gaining real time visibility for caches of stolen or even abandoned vehicles.

With this data, Knightscope clients have been able to continuously search license plates retrieved by their machines with full or partial plate numbers. They have also been able to upload or export all of their license plate data by the thousands to .CSV files directly from the KSOC.

1.4 Billion Signals Detected

Spanning more than five years of commercial operations Knightscope’s fleet of ASRs have detected over 1.4 billion device signals. This powerful feature is constantly scanning a 400+ foot foot radius from each Knightscope machine for any device emitting a Wi-Fi signal. These public signals can be anything from cell phones to unknown or suspicious devices (i.e., rogue router). The detections provide for a rich data set for real time alerts for possible cyber-intrusions, potential detonation devices or threats of workplace violence or public safety.

240 Million People Detected

With powerful People Detection analytics, Knightscope’s ASRs have had over 240 million detections of people. These People Detections can be escalated as alerts based on predefined client thresholds for time of day and location. Knightscope robots can also automatically broadcast messages when a person is detected with messages such as “good morning,” “thanks for visiting xyz site” or “authorities have been notified of your presence,” also dependent upon time and/or location.

80 Million Thermal Images

Knightscope’s Robots that are deployed with Thermal Imaging cameras have processed over 80 million thermal images. Anomalies arising out of these Thermal detections can also be escalated via KSOC alerts, email or text message or voice based on predefined temperature threshold based on time of day or location. These can be alerts representing an escalating temperature from a fire hazard or the body temperature of a human who has fallen to the ground in a poorly lit environment.

1,100 Be on the Lookout (BOLO) Alert Notifications

Throughout its deployments, Knightscope’s Robots & AI software have communicated alerts in real time for individuals on a client-generated BOLO list. These alerts can be instantly relayed via email, text, KSOC alerts or voice notifications. This number is crucial, as these could represent workplace violence threats, domestic violence threats, industrial espionage threats, criminal threats and/or threats to Public Safety.

49 People to Mac Address Matches

Over the years, Knightscope’s Robots & AI software have relayed 49 people to Mac Address matches. These represent individuals that have had their Mac Addresses not only flagged but matched as belonging to that individual. Our clients may also include photos of that individual as well as a description of the reason they have been flagged and/or blacklisted when entering them into the KSOC to provide an additional layer of identification when an alert is triggered.

40 Blacklisted License Plates Found

With each K5 equipped with 360-degree Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) and K1s with static ALPR, Knightscope’s fleet of robots has provided real time alerts for license plates that had previously been blacklisted or entered as BOLO individuals in the KSOC. This critical information is entered by Knightscope client KSOC users when a known or perceived threat is made. As with other alerts, these blacklisted license plates can be escalated in real time via email, text, KSOC alert and/or voice notifications.

Now that you’ve learned about Knightscope “By the Numbers,” let’s set up a meeting, so we can begin addressing any issues you may be facing today.

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