Are the machines safe to operate in large, crowded environments?

Knightscope ADMs are fully autonomous and can navigate through an environment with moving objects. The technology is similar to that being utilized by the driverless cars that actively operate on the public roadways across several U.S. states today.


Will Knightscope technologies eliminate security guards?

Absolutely not. There will always be a need for human security guards to do the strategic work. Our ADMs simply provide them with relevant, real-time information, thus extending the human security guards’ awareness and allowing them to make more appropriate decisions. Software + Hardware + Humans. The ultimate combination.


Are Knightscope technologies intended to replace law enforcement officers?

No, they are intended to help and assist officers, improve response times and keep them out of harm’s way if possible.


What can you tell us about the safety of the sensors (infrared etc.)?

Knightscope utilizes commercially available, off-the-shelf sensors that are already proven safe and effective for everyday use.


Can customers remotely wipe the data in the event of a robot theft?

Yes. Fail-safe measures will be implemented to ensure the security of the data.


How will you prevent people from defacing or damaging an ADM?

Knightscope ADMs have several features including proximity sensors, escalating alarm stages and the like to protect the robots, but why give away all secrets here...