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The federal government is an excellent environment in which to introduce new technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics, especially when such technologies enable safe and enjoyable spaces for people to work and visit. There are over 9,000 federal buildings in the U.S. and government officials are responsible for maintaining a peaceful environment for the 1.4 million employees and the millions of people who visit them each day.

In early 2021, Knightscope embarked upon a major initiative focused on securing long-term business from the U.S. federal government. With the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as its sponsor, the Company invested 3+ years completing the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (“FedRAMP”) application process and has since successfully secured its Authority To Operate (“ATO”) within Impact Level 2 (“IL2”) environments as defined by the U.S. Department of Defense (“DoD”).

The K5 GOV ASR is Buy America / Buy American Act certified and is currently available on the GSA Multiple Award Schedule through a Veteran Owned Small Business (“VOSB”), making it very easy for federal agencies to procure. A few use cases critical to the U.S. and Federal mission where this tech will enhance existing security programs, include:

Administrative Buildings
Airports and Rail
Borders and Ports
‍Agency Headquarters

Critical Infrastructure
High Value Targets
Parking Facilities

Postal Service
Military Bases

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  • Deter bad actors from nefarious activities.
  • Provide a cost-effective tool to augment contract security staff to provide more expanded and less expensive security coverage.
  • Provide high quality 365/24/7 360-degree 4K video as they patrol the interior and exterior of Federal buildings and parking structures.
  • Provide pre-recorded instructions to the people waiting in line to enter Federal buildings as to what items are not permitted in the buildings.
  • Listen for distress signals or other anomalies where the public is gathering.
  • Provide reliable, one-touch communication and access to emergency services.
  • Recognize and alert security officials about individuals banned from federal buildings based on prior documented illegal activity.
  • Identify and alert security officials to suspicious vehicles based on license plate recognition.
  • Using integrated command and control technology, gather video feeds from security robots and cameras installed at federal facilities and display them in real time in agency Command Centers and on the desktops of federal security officials.
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