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Introducing the K1 Hemisphere

The Knightscope K1 Hemisphere is a perfect entry point for commercial property owners, multi-family residential properties, ATM vestibules, truck stops, lobbies, loading docks, ports, rail, schools, and pretty much everywhere we can help improve the security and safety profile of the places you work, live, study and visit.  The Hemisphere has 3 cameras that provide 180-degree, eye-level, high-definition video, a strobe light, automatic license plate recognition, facial recognition, automated broadcast announcements, and intercom capability running on a 4G or 5G cellular network.

The introductory price will be an effective hourly rate of $0.75, making it much more difficult for leaders to answer the question: “If your students, employees, tenants, patients, or visitors are your most important asset, then why aren’t you using the most advanced technologies to help keep them safe and secure?”

Our technologies are now also available on single, double, or triple shifts to better accommodate your specific needs and budgets – as an example, some clients may need the graveyard shift covered on weekdays and 24/7 on weekends.  This means you can have the power of Knightscope at your fingertips for 8-hour, 16-hours or 24-hours on an annual contract.  And adding our optional Knightscope+ remote monitoring services for an extra $2 per hour is a natural fit. Our seasoned professionals, with decades of security and law enforcement expertise, will work to tailor an autonomous security program just for you.

Complete the form below to pre-order your K1 Hemisphere today.  Our target to begin shipping is Q4 2022.

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