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Knightscope is issuing a challenge to every single Mayor in the United States: work hand-in-hand with Knightscope to establish a public / private partnership to Innovate Public Safety.

The first role of government is to protect its citizens.  Every American has a fundamental and basic right to live in a safe country, in safe communities, and that right should not be held exclusively by a tiny portion of the population – it should be enjoyed nationwide.

If you read about today’s top 10 safest cities, they seem to have 3 key characteristics:

  • populations in the +/-40,000 range
  • median income in the 6 figures
  • likely to be somewhere in the Northeast

Together, we will jointly drive city officials, community leaders, local businesses, schools, the Governor, state and federal officials as well as the insurance companies, local businesses, and law enforcement authorities to develop an overarching plan to make a material, positive difference in the safety of its citizens from a holistic, city-wide view.

Here is what Knightscope is prepared to do to produce a positive and successful improvement in public safety for your community:

  • Jointly develop a comprehensive public safety and security architecture for the City
  • Dedicate a Knightscope Development Center (KDC) in your city creating new high-tech jobs in your community
  • Establish a Knightscope Public Safety Fusion Center to properly integrate all the new capabilities across the City
  • Create a robotics club for your schools with direct access to our team
  • Establish a cross-section of citizens to rally together in support of the effort

This initiative is focused on cities that could properly utilize more than 100 Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs) as a starting point.  Submit your information using the form below and a member of our team will reach out to schedule a meeting.

Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and get busy!