K1 (yes, award winning)



The Knightscope K1 is a stationary machine with the same features you've come to expect from the K3 and K5, but optimized for use at ingress and egress points - and, of course, runs 24/7. Suitable for outdoor or indoor environments and features our innovative Custom Concierge capabilities allowing for a human-to-machine two-way dialogue tailored exclusively to your environment. It is a simple installation by Knightscope and can be branded with custom graphics. It utilizes a standard 110v power outlet and transfers data through 4G LTE, WiFi, or Ethernet.


  • Parking Lots and Parking Structures

  • Pedestrian Entrances

  • Lobby and Reception Areas

  • High-Risk Areas

  • Remote or Distant Areas

  • Help and Assistance Points

  • Transportation Shuttle Stops

  • Challenging Retrofits



Assisted a law enforcement agency with an investigation by providing high definition quality video and license plate detections for 30 instances over a period of 4 months of the BOLO (Be On The Lookout)



  • Force Multiplying Physical Deterrence

  • Eye-Level 360 Degree HD Video Streaming and Recording

  • Facial Recognition (beta)

  • People Detection During Certain Restricted Hours

  • Automatic License Plate Recognition (whitelist, blacklist, excluded and unknown plates)

  • Thermal Anomaly Detection

  • Automatic Signal Detection (whitelist, blacklist, excluded and unknown MAC addresses)

  • Live Audio Broadcast (similar to public address system)

  • Two-Way Intercom (human-to-human voice interaction)

  • Custom Concierge (human-to-machine voice interaction tailored to your environment)

  • Pre-Recorded Messages (may be played manually, randomly, by time or by detection)

  • Custom Broadcast (text to speech)

  • Remote monitoring from anywhere utilizing our state-of-the-art KSOC user interface



Speed: Stationary

Terrain: Indoors/Outdoors

Height: 69”

Width: 28.8”

Length: 11.2”

Weight: 150 lbs.