Stay connected via the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC). Access real-time data around the clock via our desktop or mobile apps, ensuring you’ll always have the power of our technology at your fingertips. Knightscope has you covered 24/7/365.

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All data generated by Knightscope ADMs is accessible through the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC), a highly intuitive, browser-based user interface. Customers can recall, review, and save the data for forensic or event documenting purposes.


Are you sure you want to do that here?

Similar to placing a marked law enforcement vehicle in front of your home or office, criminal behavior will change. And we know that not as a theory but with numerous successes with our clients.


Security executives seek out the best-of-breed in innovation to help protect their greatest assets. Knightscope’s autonomous security technologies provide real-time access to actionable intelligence and detections from a fleet of ground-level eyes and ears that enhance situational awareness like never before. Communicate critical information utilizing our intercom, broadcast and public address capabilities.




Our Autonomous Data Machines (ADM) generate over 90 terabytes of data per machine, per year, providing unprecedented ability to understand a dynamic environment at all times. Over time, our machines will be able to “see, feel, hear, and smell” enabling a unique approach to sensor fusion and analytics. Why solely analyze historical data when you can have real-time, on-site data generated by your trusty team of security robots? Need to investigate what happened and the exact conditions surrounding a particular event? Need to replay a scene? Want to view multiple seemingly unrelated events on a comprehensive timeline? Knightscope has you covered - inside and out.



Watch your six….

and nine, and twelve and three

At a healthcare facility an armed suspect stole a vehicle in front of both the human guard as well as the CCTV cameras (stationed above). Neither could provide a description of the suspect, the vehicle stolen, the license plate, description of the firearm, or direction of escape.

The K5 was able to provide eye-level high definition video of the entire incident, providing the key necessary information in a timely manner, transmitted the information to law enforcement, which was received in time to arrest the suspect.


On the lookout for trespassers

Perhaps at your sensitive facility, there literally should be no humans during certain times of the day, say 10pm - 5am. The K5 can be on the lookout for any people during those times and proactively make pre-recorded announcements to deter negative behavior.

The people detection capability can also be very helpful for forensics purposes and investigations to avoid scrubbing through hours and hours of video.

• Unauthorized Individuals in Secured Areas

• Suspicious Persons After Hours

• Trespassers or Criminal Activity

• Positive Identification Capture


Yes, parking enforcement is included

Utilizing the KSOC, clients can whitelist or blacklist license plates depending on the needs of your location. The user can also automatically check for dwell times of plates (i.e., a parking meter) to deter overnight parking or assist with BOLOs (Be On The Lookout).

Blacklisting a license plate can be helpful in instances of domestic disputes spilling over into the workplace or upon termination of a disgruntled employee as well as helping in investigations.

• Protect Employees from Domestic Abusers

• Mark Suspicious Vehicles

• Track Returning Terminated Employees

• Law Enforcement BOLO Alerts for Vehicle Plates


Running a thermal scan

There was a nurse that complained that a man in his vehicle was saying harassing things to her at night in the parking lot where the K5 patrols. She provided the security team with the vehicle make and model.

The officers pulled up the thermal detections and found a white hot thermal image of a vehicle that was either running or recently running in the area where the nurse said this individual was located.

The security team utilizing the KSOC got a vehicle match, captured the license plate number, and the officers went right to that location and began questioning the man.

He denied being in his vehicle at the time, but the security team was able to provide him proof that he was in his vehicle at the alleged time of the harassment due to the time stamp on the thermal detection. They were then able to pull further video to support the claim.

• Early Detection of Potential Fire Threat

• Unauthorized Individuals in Restricted Areas

• Suspicious Persons After Hours

• Running Vehicles

• Positive Identification Capture


A new BOLO (Be On The Lookout) capability

Automatic Signal Detection allows the user to whitelist, blacklist, and exclude MAC addresses from mobile devices.

Combining this capability with Automatic License Plate Recognition as well as BOLO mug shot upload capabilities allows for unprecedented new capabilities in deterring unwanted behavior at your location.

• Suspicious Packages (device inside)

• Unauthorized Devices in Secured Areas

• Workplace Violence Threats

• Positive Identification Capture

“Talk to you later.”

Imagine being able to tailor a human-to-machine interaction completely customized to your environment. Our Custom Concierge can open new automation of processes associated with visitors or provide a brand enhancing customer service experience.


Can you hear me now?

A Two-Way Intercom (human-to-human voice interaction) call can be initiated either by the KSOC user or a human presses the button on a machine. The button press can be configured to call a certain number to further assist your security team.

• Distress Call

• Customer Service Call


A mobile PA system

Live Audio Broadcast, similar to public address system, allows a KSOC user to throw their voice through a machine or machines providing new alerting capabilities.

The KSOC user can also utilize our Custom Broadcast feature which provides text-to-speech capabilities.

• Public Address System

• Text-to-Speech


Say it again…

Pre-Recorded Messages may be played manually by the KSOC user or set automatically to play randomly, by time, by location or by detection, further automating visitor, patron, or employee engagement.

• Automated Messaging

• Numerous Triggers Mechanisms

• Customizable



The KSOC is fully responsive designed and mobile/tablet optimized. Put the power of the KSOC right in the palm of your hand.