The K1 Blue Light Tower - Available Now

A Beacon for Public Safety

Static Monitoring
Ideally suited for:

parking lots & structures, college & university campuses, electric charging stations, remote biking/hiking paths, transit stations, offices, and more.

A Familiar Symbol

The K1 Blue Light Tower emergency phone delivers completely wireless emergency phone operation, 24/7/365, even in harsh weather conditions with voice connectivity, broadcast warning capability, a flashing strobe, and night area illumination to assist responders in locating callers.
Maximum Speed
208 lbs.
Terrain Capability
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The Standard in Wireless Emergency Communications Systems

Purpose Built
  • Durable design for harsh conditions
  • Tamperproof and weatherproof
  • Finish protects against rust and corrosion
Experienced Safety
  • Illuminated front call panel for nighttime use
  • Two-way communications
  • Verizon, AT&T, Iridium® Satellite, and other providers
Much More
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Trust and reliability, everywhere.

Knightscope Security Operations Center

Installing emergency communication systems are just the first step in a robust public security plan. Knowing that they’re always in working condition is equally important. All Knightscope products come equipped with technology that remotely monitors equipment for operational performance and provides immediate notification when maintenance or repair is necessary.
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In the Field

Preferred solutions for many.

Parking Lots & Structures
College & University Campuses
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Supporting More Than Just Emergencies
Static Monitoring
We are proud to provide complete end-to-end support for all Knightscope wireless security solutions.  From professional consultation and planning, to installation, to troubleshooting and maintenance, and even upgrades over time, our team of in-house experts and related network of qualified service providers ensures that safety is always backed up by reliable, leading-edge performance.
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