Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC)

Access your robots anytime, anyplace and on any device.

Detections delivered
Investigate incidents with time, location and detection filters.

Monitor with precision.

Made in The USA
Stay connected to your Autonomous Security Robot (ASR) fleet via the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC), a fully functional, browser-based user interface included with every subscription.  Access real-time data around the clock ensuring you’ll always have the power of our technology at your fingertips.  Knightscope has you covered 24/7/365.
All Features & Capabilities
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Technology integration at its finest.

Recording & Streaming
  • Live 360-degree HD video
  • Recorded HD video storage
  • Downloadable files for evidence
People Detection
  • Detections during off hours
  • Alerts for restricted places
  • Direct communication capable
Facial Recognition
  • Key person / VIP alerts
  • User generated watchlists
  • Workplace violence prevention
  • Fire detection
  • Heat blooms from recently driven vehicles
  • People concealed in darkness
Automatic License Plate
  • Vehicle location assistance
  • Approved / denied plates
  • Parking monitoring
Much More
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Deter. Detect. REPORT.

Knightscope’s ASRs provide an effective physical deterrence for unwanted activities along with a diverse set of detection capabilities.  The KSOC grants authorized users real-time access to a powerful reporting tool that delivers a the wealth of data generated in an easily digestible manner to help keep your property secure.  Know more and improve your situational awareness with KSOC.
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