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Operating Nationwide

Autonomous Security Running 24/7 Across the Country



7 Steps to Autonomous Security

Deploying a #SecurityRobot


Security Robots are a Force Multiplier and Proven Deterrent of Negative Behavior

Fully Autonomous Motion and Charging Allows for Continuous Operation 24/7/365

Sensors Record and Retain More Data than a Human Could Ever Possibly Process

Eye Level Data Empowers Users to Make More Informed and Better Decisions

Automatic License Plate Recognition Helps Secures Parking Lots and Parking Structures Consistently

Robots Can Help Mitigate Workplace Violence and Improve Public Safety

Highly Productive in Repetitive or Even Dangerous Security Roles

Engages the Public, Patrons, Visitors, Employees While Enhancing Your Brand


Saves Time, Saves Money and Improves Safety 24/7 Autonomously