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Make Commercial Real Estate Desirable

Elevate your property values with the actionable intelligence needed to combat crime delivered to you in real time.  Knightscope’s Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs) have successfully deterred substance abuse, vehicle break-ins, trespassing/loitering, vagrancy, vandalism, theft and assaults from commercial properties, keeping tenants and visitors safer.

STEP 1 Secure Parking Areas

Provide a consistent physical security presence for your tenants and visitors by utilizing several K5 ASRs to cover all of your parking lots and parking structures.  By having the ASRs patrol parking areas with their strobe lights and patrol sounds on, you can reduce vagrant encroachment, trespassing or criminal behaviors.  In doing so, you will also be aiding in the prevention of vehicle break-ins, vehicle thefts, catalytic converter thefts, and vandalism.  Additionally, tenants or visitors may press the distress button on any robot to activate the Intercom and alert your team to a possible emergency situation.

STEP 2 Monitor the Lobby

A K1 ASR with 360-degree, eye-level HD video streaming and recording from your lobby 24/7 will prove to be a key component of your visible security posture.  K1s will alert you to known threats that you’ve identified and entered into your Watchlist based on Facial Recognition and signal detection for smart phone and other mobile devices. This is an effective deterrence for inappropriate conduct in the lobby that may expose you to unnecessary liabilities, as well as preventing even more serious threats such as that of workplace violence.  Appropriate welcome and/or departure greetings can be placed on a schedule and announced automatically using People Detection as a trigger during particular hours.

STEP 3 Patrol the Interior

A K5 or K3 roaming indoors streams and records eye-level, HD video of common areas.  Broadcast announcements remind tenants and visitors of safety or security practices, and you may customize broadcast messages to meet the goals of your organization’s mission.  The intercom feature is utilized to contact property management or any other designated number you choose, such as a receptionist station or security operations center on site.

STEP 4 Manage the Workload

Utilize Knightscope as a stand-alone security service or augment your current security force to improve efficiency and possibly save money at the same time.  Enhance your user experience by digging deeper into your machine’s capabilities through the use of the included user interface, known as the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC).  Or better yet, upgrade to Knightscope+ and allow us to take some of that workload off of your shoulders.  We will remotely monitor the ASRs on your behalf and escalate issues according to the agreed upon post orders.

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