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Next Generation Neighborhood Watch

Most residents of HOA communities have the benefit of feeling safer and more secure than those in a public community. To ensure HOA security remains in tiptop shape, it’s crucial for HOAs to get the most out of their security measures.

STEP 1 Secure the Perimeter

By providing around the clock physical security deterrence with a K5 ASR or multiple K5 ASRs, you can have roving video surveillance at eye level in HD. Proper signage on the perimeter, as well as inside a gated community, advising of the community being video recorded 24/7 can help reduce unwanted trespassers, vandalism, abandoned vehicles, auto theft, catalytic converter theft, vehicle break-ins, burglaries and more. Strobe effects and patrol sounds can be activated along hot spots of vagrant encroachment or trespasser activity along the perimeter, but then returned to patrol sound silent and strobe effect off modes throughout closer proximity patrols to private residences.

STEP 2 Patrol the Neighborhood

Patrolling private roads or sidewalks with the K5 can provide comfort to the community knowing that their neighborhood is being safeguarded 24 hours a day. The K5’s Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) can help with real time Alerting for Blacklisted vehicles that should not be on the property, including individuals with active Restraining Orders. By programming the duress button to either security or another designated person on site, you can provide that extra level of safety for residents. With 360-degree eye-level daylight / lowlight HD cameras on an ASR, users are able to capture incidents from much better angle as opposed to traditional bird’s eye view. This can enhance in residents following and adhering to HOA rules and policies and can provide for much more usable surveillance evidence to law enforcement in the case of a criminal investigation.

STEP 3 Patrol After Hours or in Restricted Areas

By scheduling patrols of restricted areas, you can have the K5 send an Alert with the People Detection Automatic Broadcast Messages activated. If a curfew is in place within the community, messages can remind residents or guests of the policy. The K5 can record and Alert for persons that may be in restricted areas during certain hours such as Swimming pools, the Main Office, and Community Centers. Automatic Broadcast Messages can also occur in these areas to help deter policy violations.

STEP 4 Manage the Workload

Through the utilization of a team of ASRs you can have a safer and more secure community, as well as maintain the value of your property. Want an even safer community, you can upgrade to Knightscope+ and allow us to take some of the workload off and we can do the remote monitoring on your behalf and allowing you to concentrate more on your job.

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