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Made in The USA
Made in The USA
Autonomous Security Robot
Automated Gunshot Detection (AGD)

What Our Clients Say

"We have had excellent luck with Rosie's license plate reader... and the notes are helpful to other shifts seeing the alert who didn't have first hand knowledge of the incident that required the plate to be entered.”

Ralph C Jefferson, Jr.
Director of Security
Silver Reef Casino
Rosie Silver Reef Casino

"Collaborating with Knightscope to bring an autonomous security robot to the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) has been one of the most innovative ventures our facility has seen. BBot has added an additional layer of surveillance and protection to keep our millions of guests safe.”

Mark Tester
Executive Director
Orange County Convention Center
OCCC Mark Tester

“We were looking for a way to enhance and elevate our guest experience, and our Secret Agent Man SAM, is a welcomed addition to the security team as he will help provide guest assistance, peace of mind and safety for our guests and staff at Crocker Park.”

Stacie Schmidt
VP Marketing
Sean Flanigan
VP Security at Stark Enterprises
Photo Credit:
Stark Enterprises

"We have had a great experience integrating the K5 into our City resources, and it’s been very beneficial in expanding the police department’s ability to monitor public spaces, enhance the public safety element and improve the perception of our community."

Cosme Lozano
Chief of Police
Huntington Park Police Department, CA
Testimonial Huntington Park

“Rovie K-Nueve has improved our site safety significantly! We have seen dramatic changes since we deployed the robot: the property vandalism/car break ins have reduced by 90%. The Robot joining the security officers' crew, has helped the Property, the Security Officers and SCPD tremendously. The break ins reduced from 10 a day to once or twice a month.”

Tatiane Martins
Property Manager
Santa Clara Towers
testimonial Santa Clara Towers

“We were looking at technology to provide an early warning system for our officers, in our layered approach to perimeter control. The Knightscope Robots provided this additional protection and have been well received by employees and patrons alike.”

Michael J Rock
Director of Security
The Commerce Casino & Hotel
testimonial Commerce Casino

"Knightscope’s customer service is extremely responsive. They’re open to new ideas and always available when we need to discuss anything.”

Robert Krauss
VP Public Safety
Pechanga Resort Casino
Testimonial Pechanga Casino
Kaiser Permanente
Allied Universal
Citizens Bank
General Mills
Allied Universal
Citizens Bank
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