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Innovation Hero

The Future Unveiled

Knightscope’s eye is always on the horizon.  Having an open feedback loop with every client makes it incredibly easy to generate a long list of innovative items to develop in the coming years.  Here is just a small sampling.
Autonomous Security Drone

Knightscope partnered with Draganfly, Inc. [Nasdaq: DPRO] to integrate drone technology with Knightscope’s Autonomous Security Robot technologies to form a unified autonomous offering that enhances security programs providing a seamless and comprehensive approach to safety, threat detection, and emergency response from both the ground and the air.

K1 Super Tower

Thinking through the Smart City initiative and the role emergency communications play, a 20-ft tall tower with satellite voice service, solar power, 360-degree 3D cameras, a street light, blue light strobe, acoustic detections, ALPR, thermal imaging and an interactive display will provide a multi-function safe haven for anyone in distress.

K10 Patrol

Autonomous law enforcement patrol vehicles will free up officers to respond to calls and conduct investigationswhile dramatically improving officer and public safety by taking over the boring, routine and monotonous patrol duties.

K15 Tactical

High-risk events require more specialized tools to effectively and rapidly usher in a peaceful resolution.  Imagine an autonomous delivery device for a variety of land and air based hardware along with first aid and recovery supplies during tragic events.

AI-driven Mission Control

A long-term strategy of deploying over a million devices of both current and future technologies requires an intelligent interface to amalgamate and decipher the data.  By leveraging the power of AI for advanced autonomous operation and cooperation [between devices], a single point of interface and control will dramatically improve response times, quality of service and overall public safety.

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Thank You Everyone for Attending Innovation Week!

Creativity stimulates innovation, but innovation is action that impacts the world.  At Knightscope, we believe that the ability to innovate and adapt quickly is essential to improving the safety and quality of life for all. Persistently driving innovation helps us develop new products, services, and processes, giving us an edge when delivering real-world solutions quickly and efficiently.  It enables us to identify complementary products and services that better serve our families, communities, businesses and the government year after year.

Innovation Week

Knightscope’s first ever Innovation Week was held March 11-15, 2024, where management and many members of the team provided analysts, investors, supporters, and prospective clients with a behind-the-scenes look at all things Knightscope.  Topics included a reflection on the first 10 years of foundation building, the 2024 roadmap to profitability, and a discussion defining the future of public safety.  The entire event was recorded and may be replayed anytime below.

  • Day 1
  • Welcome - an overview of the week, the mission, a look back, bloopers, and lessons learned
  • Market Opportunity – the problem defined, the market, and recurring revenue results
  • Sales Demo – an overview of the current technology portfolio from a prospective client’s perspective
  • Live Q&A
  • Day 2
  • Artificial Intelligence - A.I. implementation, opportunities for the future, and cyber security
  • Machines-in-Network – a look behind-the-screen at deploying machines and supporting clients
  • Manufacturing Machines – behind-the-scenes at Knightscope Headquarters in Silicon Valley
  • Live Q&A
  • Day 3
  • New Product Development - preview of what’s going to be streaming out of Silicon Valley soon
  • Q&A
  • Day 4
  • Future Concepts - overview of long-term strategy and unveiling of potential future products
  • The Pitch – CEO and CFO walk through the investor presentation
  • Q&A
  • Day 5
  • Town Hall - “Ask Me Anything” with Knightscope’s CEO
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