What is Knightscope+?

Knightscope+ provides an alternative for client sites that do not have the resources to receive and respond to alerts generated by Knightscope’s ASRs.  Sites such as these typically do not have anyone monitoring a video management or alarm system, not because of a lack of need, but commonly because of a lack of available budget.

Knightscope+ is a virtual monitoring and response solution for Knightscope’s Autonomous Security Robot (ASR) clients including, but not limited to, alerts, broadcast messaging and two-way intercom communications.  Knightscope+ operators have extensive training and experience related surveillance and remote monitoring for greater situational awareness.  Knightscope+ operators have military, law enforcement and/or security backgrounds to further enhance the inherent knowledge, experience and relevant skills sets across the team.  Knightscope+ is an ideal solution for properties that are more active with respect to security issues, crime and/or vagrancy.

Activation & Customization

The Knightscope+ onboarding process consists of a kickoff call with the client, from which a thorough outline of Site-Specific Post Orders on a per ASR, per deployment site basis will be developed.  Post Orders will include critical points of contact and escalation protocols by incident type.  The Knightscope+ account management team will conduct a needs analysis and fully understand security concerns and specific areas of interest at the site-level.  They will discuss desired outcomes and make recommendations for certain protocols and response measures to be put in place based on experience.

Alert Verifications

Knightscope+ operators provide early detections of suspicious activity and engage in proactive live streaming and viewing of all ASR cameras once an alert is received.  Alerts can include any of the following:

• Suspicious persons or trespassers detected by time or specific location via People Detection
• License plates belonging to persons of interest according to your user-generated database
• Parking violations based on specific locations and parking duration thresholds via Parking Meter
• Thermal hazards or anomalies (fire/heat) by temperature thresholds via Thermal Detection
• Automatic Signal Detection (ASD) for suspicious devices or devices belonging to persons of interest as input in your user-generated database
• Persons of interest detected by Facial Recognition such as banned individuals or people perceived to be threats to your organization
• Intercom communications initiated by depressing the push-to-talk button on each ASR

Knightscope+ operators determine the validity of alerts via the various analytics and processing capabilities of the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC) user interface.  Knightscope+ adds the human decision-making element needed to execute proper action(s) based on the predefined escalation protocols in your Post Orders.

Other Key Benefits of Knightscope+

• Real Time Interaction and Physical Deterrence• Audio Incident Intervention and De-escalation
• Emergency Services Communications
• Virtual Camera Tours
• Post-Incident Investigations
• Strategic Recommendations
• Reporting

Let’s set up a meeting and put Knightscope+ to work for you.

Robot Physical Deterrent & Real Time Interaction

In the case of a Security Incident, Knightscope+ Operators have the ability to stop the Robot from patrolling via the KSOC Control Panel in real time.  This can provide for greater visual and audio functionality in very specific areas or for key actionable intelligence via the Live Audio functionality.  KI+ Operators can also change the Patrol Schedule down to thirty (30) minute increments in response to recent activities and areas of interest.  They can also resume Patrol as well as send the Robot to the Docking Station area based on their experience.

Audio Incident Intervention

Knightscope+ Operators can leverage the power of Audio Intervention as an initial or escalated deterrent including two-way audio interaction based on pre-defined protocols for each incident type.  Operators can trigger the local alarm on the Robot and they can adjust the volume and broadcast prerecorded or custom messages using the Robots voice.  Knightscope+ Operators have the ability to adjust the Patrol Sound volume and turn the Patrol Sound on or off. They can also trigger an intercom call and interact in real time using their own voice.  This provides for real time “talk down” or de-escalation communications for incidents elevating in severity.

Emergency Services Communications

One of the most critical aspects of Knightscope+ is Emergency Services Communications.  Knightscope+ Operators can provide real time dispatch to appropriate emergency services and/or private security responders as defined by site specific escalation protocols.  This can include 911 services if a crime is occurring or immediately notifying on-site first responder services that someone may be in need of CPR First Aid or an AED services.

Strategic Recommendations

The Knightscope+ Account Management team will make routine recommendations based on crime or security incident trend analysis and will continue to identify security site risks with experienced security professionals.

Post Incident Investigations

Knightscope+ can provide post incident investigations and video investigative services.  This can support reporting of events to local law enforcement as well as forensics investigations support.  Now that we’ve answered what Knightscope+ is, let’s set up a meeting so we can discussing any issues you may be facing today and how Knightscope will help you address them tomorrow.

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