Automated Gunshot Detection (AGD) - Available Now

Immediate Notification
and Localization

  • 100% Automated
  • Indoor and Outdoor Solutions
  • Vertical Detections
  • Reports in ~2 Seconds
  • 3D Shooter Location within 2m
Gunshot Detection
in Real Time
AGD locates shooters within feet... ...within seconds.

Precise gunfire localization...
even if elevated.

Made in The USA
Knightscope’s AGD detects shots fired in real time, optionally traces the path of a rifle bullet to its origin, and delivers precise localization data directly to first responders via web app and/or mobile devices. Immediate notifications include the actionable intelligence needed to expedite response times, protect innocent bystanders, and bring violent acts to a conclusion much faster.

AGD works even if rifle shots come from outside the local coverage area, indicating the specific structure and approximate floor level of the shooter. Add AGD to Knightscope’s K1 Blue Light Tower to further enhance safety automations and integrate with existing security cameras, access control, and notification systems to develop a complete, layered protection system.
Schools, Offices, Churches
Retail, Stadiums, Venues
AGD 2x

Find the shooter in real time.

Every second counts.
  • The fully automated system provides instant notifications.
  • AGD is built for superior reliability without false alarms.
  • Easily locate shooter positions on 2D maps and in 3D environments.
Mitigate the liability and risk of gun violence on your property.
  • Detections during off hours
  • Actively address duty-of-care responsibility.
  • Reduce or eliminate the financial cost of gun violence.
Quality without compromise.
  • AGD is affordable, reliable, and field-proven.
  • Tested to the highest performance standards in the industry.
  • Development rooted in the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
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A force for good.
Safe streets. Safe workplaces. Safe schools. Safe venues.

Automated Gunshot Detection saves lives. Request a one-on-one consultation NOW to learn more about AGD .

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