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Knightscope’s mission is to make the United States of America the safest country in the world.  Our technologies deliver real-time, actionable intelligence that allows public safety professionals to more effectively deter, intervene, capture, and prosecute criminals utilizing very affordable Machine-as-a-Service subscriptions.  Technologies like Knightscope, which are known to be effective in reducing crime, need to be implemented on a large scale in order to achieve the mission, which is why a service model makes the most sense.  

Nearly 50% of Knightscope's Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs) currently deployed are used to secure parking lots or structures.  Why such a high percentage?  It’s a common area for crime that directly impacts visitors and employees - trespassing, smash and grabs, vehicle theft, catalytic converter theft and vandalism run rampant.  Due to their size and physical layout, it can be difficult and costly to secure them consistently.  Our clients have not only found the ASRs effective at deterring these types of crimes, but cost effective, too.  You will find that many of the following use cases have augmented their parking security, among many other layers of their security programs, with our force-multiplying robots.

Unfortunately, there are still over 19,000 police agencies, 8,000 security companies and countless private corporate security practitioners in this country with no national database or single objective source showing them what works best and how to do it.  Knightscope clients have documented and reported some of their amazing wins shared below.  If you're one of them, we're happy you found us and are ready to meet with you.  If you know someone or somewhere that needs help, spread the word that Knightscope is at the forefront of providing effective results and new capabilities to the global security market with a proven track record of success by sharing this page with a friend, colleague or agency that you feel might benefit from Knightscope’s services.

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