2 Million Hours of Real World Experience, Not Lab Experiments

February 8, 2023

The tech industry is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the competition is a priority for many companies just like Knightscope.  To maintain a leading position in the market, companies must be innovative and willing to take on certain elevated levels of risk in order to execute on their mission.  One calculated risk is the use of real-world field experience to drive simultaneous product development.  
Fieldwork is far more random and spontaneous than lab experiments.  It enables one to obtain as much raw data as possible in the natural world, which more accurately reflects real-life situations where there is less control over extraneous variables.  By taking advantage of field experience and user feedback, tech companies can gain a competitive edge and continually improve upon their overall value.  For example, one fascinating and controversial approach has been the gathering of real-world data by Tesla to drive its significant Full Self Driving (FSD) accomplishments.
Robots have become a fixture in our lives, from helping automate industrial activities to keeping us safe.  And recently, Knightscope achieved a major milestone in the realm of robotic security, further solidifying the efficacy of robots using artificial intelligence, self-driving technology, electric mobility and, you guessed it, field experience.  The Company aggregated over two million hours of Autonomous Security Robot (ASR) operations helping clients to protect the places people live, work, study and visit.  2 million hours!  83,333 days.  Over 228 years.  The equivalent of three lifetimes of service, experience and lessons learned over the course of the past ten years.
This type of experience has the potential to revolutionize public safety and set new standards for customer service and professionalism in an industry with an arguably less-than-ideal reputation.  Such a marker is a testament to the hard work and dedication of its staff… and the robots.  Knightscope has proven that it is able to learn, make refinements and improve upon its autonomous security capabilities over time by drawing upon the data they've collected, daily encounters with “randomness,” and open lines of feedback and communication with clients.  We can genuinely be considered a trusted advisor to our clients based on our experiences and simultaneously help security professionals think through their respective programs at a higher level.  All of this has earned Knightscope a leading position among technology providers serving security teams across the country.
Knightscope gains daily insight into client needs and preferences, how their products are being used, what new features and capabilities clients are looking for, and what areas of operation can be improved upon.  This drives advancements in development, engineering, monitoring, maintenance, service and accessibility to technical support.  The benefits of experience are clear.  Knightscope is continually better equipped to provide products that meet client needs and stay ahead of the competition.
Knightscope is proud of its latest accomplishment and humbly accepts the responsibility of diligence.  There are many more milestones to come, and it will be interesting to see just how far the Company can push the boundaries of the future.
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