It’s Time to Rethink Community Policing

May 19, 2023

The first responsibility of the government is to protect its citizens.  How can less than 1.5 million law enforcement professionals effectively protect over 350 million citizens 24/7/365 without the help of technology?  The short answer is, they can't.

Technology is transforming the way criminals operate in the 21st century.  Just a few years ago, the FBI’s operational technology law unit provided a brief account of how criminals gathered live streaming video to monitor law enforcement officials using drones, and then even created a swarm to make high-speed passes low to the ground to “flush them out” of hiding and distract them from attackers.

Political red tape, reduced budgets, public interest groups and even some police unions slow the adoption of new technologies.  But with the rapid pace of technological developments, agencies are finding new and innovative ways to change minds and leverage these tools to enhance public safety, catch criminals and save lives.  Many departments are already using next-generation robotic cameras to deliver visual and audio surveillance of potential crime scenes that may be too dangerous or too hard for officers to reach.  Some of these devices are even “throwable.”

While it is unlikely that an officer will throw a 400 lb. Knightscope robot, here are the top 5 recommendations for deploying such technologies to augment agencies short on staff and on a tight budget:

STEP 1 Crime Fighting Partner

Provide additional “partners” for Law Enforcement by having a team of K5’s Patrolling the city sidewalks, parks, and other high traffic areas to help deter crime before it happens.  With eye-level HD cameras that see a full 360-degrees, the K5 is continuously recording while on patrol providing Law Enforcement with another set of eyes, ears and a voice.  Law Enforcement officials, including dispatchers, can monitor alerts and then tap into what the K5 is viewing/recording based on time, location and Alert type.  Adding Knightscope’s K1 Blue Light Towers in remote areas, with full wireless functionality and no digging or trenching requirements, creates a highly visible blue beacon that guides citizens to a reliable line of communication with dispatch or a call center to provide needed comfort when cellular phone service is scarce, or a mobile phone’s battery has died.

STEP 2 Monitor Government Offices and Buildings

K1 Towers and Hemispheres deployed in lobbies and/or entrances can provide messages when a person is detected and play key messages based on time of day or location of the device.  Using clearly marked signage depicting the use of robot patrols and the robots’ ability to capture both BOLO (Be-on-the-Lookout) alerts for known threats and signal detection for mobile devices creates a more secure environment.  Facial Recognition is an optional feature for detecting persons of interest when/where permitted.  And 360-degree high-definition surveillance at eye level provides an added level peace of mind for employees and the public.

STEP 3 Patrol the Interior

A patrolling K5 or K3 within a police station/precinct or government building interior can provide eye-level video of persons in unauthorized areas. While on patrol, ASRs can make announcements either timed or by people alert for a more personal interaction. With Thermal hazard and active heat detection, ASRs can provide valuable patrolling in and around areas of concern such as electrical rooms, Telco closets, kitchens and evidence rooms. The Intercom feature can be utilized to contact the Front Desk / Lobby or any other designated number you choose.

STEP 4 Community Engagement

A friendly face of Security, our K5 can bridge that gap in community policing. Combining Technology, Security and people we can attract the interest of all people allowing doors of communication to open a little easier through the robot. With the use of the duress button the public can instantly speak to someone in Dispatch, assigned call center or even an assigned officer.

STEP 5 Knightscope+ Community Engagement

Allow the Knightscope staff to ensure your ASR experience is a positive one, we are ready to be your true Public Safety Partner. Want to get even more out of Knightscope, upgrade to Knightscope+ and allow us to take some of the workload off you and your public safety answering points, and we can do the remote monitoring on your behalf and allowing you to concentrate more on your job.  Click here to learn more.

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