Knightscope's 5-Step Recommendation for Corporate Campuses

April 28, 2023

People should feel as safe at work as they do at home… and in some cases, safer than they feel at home.  In addition to keeping your property secure from typical crimes experienced on corporate campuses, a substantial workplace violence protection program will help prevent domestic violence from turning into workplace violence.

Campuses with numerous avenues of entry and no perimeter defense are particularly vulnerable to such crimes.  Visits to open campuses are frequently enjoyable and even motivating with the average American corporate employee spending a third of their waking hours inside of their company's campus.  But a critical element to that enjoyment is security.  Owners, architects and interior designers labor arduously to create a safe and effective working environment.

Security begins with a well-defined perimeter, much like the medieval castles of the past.  The perimeter could be as straightforward as landscaping, fencing or plantings.  The goal is to funnel all visitors through protected points of entry where they may be screened or monitored in some way.  Locked building perimeter doors should only provide authorized people entry.  The objective is to add layers of ever-increasing security while allowing access to the right people and spaces.  It needs to be frictionless but organized enough to prevent the wrong people from going in the wrong places.

Here are some of Knightscope’s recommendations that corporate campus security leaders can use to enhance security at their places of business.

STEP 1 Secure Parking Areas

Improve the safety and security of your corporate campus for all employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors by utilizing the K5 Autonomous Security Robot (ASR) within all parking lots and parking structures 24 hours a day.  Proper signage placed throughout your campus and on the robot spells out that the area is being recorded and monitored for safety and improves the security profile of your parking lots.  Having the ASRs patrol your parking areas with their strobe lights and patrol sounds on gives employees and visitors a feeling of confidence, especially after hours.  Adding Knightscope’s K1 Blue Light Towers in remote areas, with full wireless functionality and no digging or trenching requirement, provides highly visible and familiar points to access reliable communications that provide needed comfort when cell phone service is scarce, or the phone’s battery has died.

STEP 2 Actively Monitor Lobbies

Multiple K1s strategically placed in every lobby monitor for those individuals attempting to gain access to your premises that you previously identified as potential threats and added to your Watchlist.  This includes the use of Facial Recognition and Automatic Signal (mobile device) Detection to search for persons of interest.  The high-definition, 360-degree, eye-level perspective presented through the ASRs’ video stream may be used as your primary or secondary camera source for expanded surveillance in lobbies.  This has supplied other clients with critical evidence to fight fraudulent insurance claims for slip and falls and vandalism by disgruntled former employees when the lobby was left unattended.  Announcements made either on a time-based schedule or triggered by People Detection alerts enhance the safety and security of your campus.  Examples of announcements include “Please display your badge at all times,” “Please do not participate in tailgating,” or “Please remove all valuables from your vehicle.”

STEP 3 Patrol the Interior

A K3 or K5 roaming indoors streams and records eye-level, HD video of persons and surrounding areas. Another added benefit is Thermal Detection to assist in fire watch, which can be essential in areas with a higher risk profile such as electrical rooms, server rooms, and telco closets.  The Intercom on each ASR is available to anyone needing to contact a Security Operations Center (SOC) Dispatch, or any other designated number you choose, for constant communication with safety resources inside the building.

STEP 4 Force Multiplication

Give your Security Operations Center (SOC) additional eyes, ears, wheels and voice via the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC) user interface.  SOC staff can intervene in security incidents by speaking through a machine or all machines simultaneously with Prerecorded or Custom Broadcast Messages.  They will receive actionable intelligence from ASRs in real time and can stop the machines from patrolling, trigger audible alarms, or speak through the robots using their own voice.  The robots are able to alert SOC operators when and where security incidents are occurring as they happen.

STEP 5 Manage the Workload

We are ready to be your true security partner.  By teaming up with Knightscope and a fleet of properly placed ASRs at your Corporate Campus, you will make your workplace safer and more secure.  Your dedicated Client Experience Representative will surprise and delight you, ensuring you are comfortable with the technology and thrilled with our performance.  Want to get even more out of Knightscope, upgrade to Knightscope+ and allow us to relieve some of the burden associated with security monitoring.  We will remotely monitor the ASRs on your behalf and allow you to focus more on the continual progression of your business.
Finding the appropriate technologies to create a more secure environment is key in better managing a layered security approach.  Take a few moments to visit with one of our experts and discover how we can help you elevate your security posture.  Click here to learn more.

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