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December 22, 2023

Have you ever been an unwilling participant in a game of ‘pass-the-buck’ or ‘finger-pointing’? You know, when a glitch in the Matrix interferes with the effectiveness of a piece of technology in your security program, so you spring into action to solve the problem… except the folks who are supposed to provide technical support operate in another dimension of time, fail to respond to numerous requests for help, or simply deflect accountability and point the finger at someone/something else?  Yeah, we hate those games, too!

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone actually cared enough to prioritize white-glove levels of service to support the critical mission of public safety professionals?  Enter Knightscope’s Client Experience (CX) team coupled with our staff of Fleet Operations Specialists working 24/7 in the US-based Knightscope Network Operations Center (KNOC).  They ensure the seamless operation of our nationwide fleet of security robots giving our clients a single source for any assistance related to Knightscope technologies.  No passing the buck.  No finger pointing.  This team works tirelessly to maintain the safety and security of our clients.

Some familiar comparisons are the telecommunication companies and data centers that have teams monitoring the health of their network and/or servers.  It’s the same at Knightscope, except that in many of cases our “servers” are moving autonomously 24/7/365 in the rain, in the heat, in the cold, in the blinding sun or in the deep darkness of nighttime operations.

Interestingly, many service requests aren’t even made by our clients.  They’re made by the robots themselves (like in milliseconds).  At the core of Knightscope’s Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) business model is the ability for each of the devices to self-diagnose and autonomously report health-related anomalies.  It is the KNOC's responsibility to continuously monitor such reports, proactively audit each robot's activities, and respond accordingly to any deviations or deficiencies.  And, yes, in the future we plan to work on self-healing strategies as well as expanding our use of artificial intelligence to drive predictive and preventative maintenance.  But for now, let’s explore some examples of the KNOC’s current activities:

Debugging Navigation, Software, Electrical, and Hardware Issues

The CX and KNOC teams are adept at troubleshooting a range of issues, from navigation glitches to software bugs and electrical or hardware malfunctions.  Their expertise allows them to remotely diagnose and rectify issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal performance.  As an added bonus, they initiate Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates regularly to keep our machines performing at the top of their game!

Responding to Fleet-Wide Alerts

KNOC professionals are on high alert for fleet-wide alerts, such as robot stops, delocalization's (when a robot temporarily loses its precise location), or hardware faults.  A swift response is key to resolving these issues promptly and maintaining continuous surveillance and security coverage.

Addressing Machine Damage

Unfortunately, security robots are subject to the same types of damage (accidental or intentional) that any other property might experience – the difference being that the robots record evidentiary-quality data to reconstruct the activity and/or prosecute attackers.  The KNOC plays a crucial role in responding to such incidents, assessing the extent of damage, and coordinating necessary actions, including involving insurance companies or law enforcement when required.

Immediate Responses to Client Messages

Client communication is a top priority.  Each client has direct access to the KNOC through a chat window in the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC) user interface.  KNOC technicians respond promptly to clients addressing any inquiries, concerns, or requests for assistance.  This direct line of communication fosters a strong client-KNOC partnership.  That’s right - direct messaging with a real live human being 24/7 is included to help with some of the most advanced technologies in public safety right at your fingertips!

Level 1 and Level 2 Issue Resolution

As the primary point of contact, the CX and KNOC teams are trained to handle Level 1 issues directly and escalates more complex, Level 2 problems to the appropriate engineering or service teams for further investigation and resolution.  This tiered approach ensures efficient handling of various challenges.

Documenting Issues, Status, and Resolutions

Thorough documentation is essential for tracking the status of each robot, recording issues encountered, and detailing the resolutions implemented.  This documentation serves as a valuable resource for ongoing improvements and analysis, which ultimately feed the OTA updates discussed earlier.

Supporting Service Calls and Teams

The KNOC collaborates closely with service technicians in the field, providing remote support for service calls.  Additionally, they offer valuable support to deployment, client development, and engineering teams, ensuring a cohesive and integrated approach to our operations.

As you can see, the Knightscope Network Operations Center (KNOC) is the backbone of the overall Client Experience.  Our dedicated professionals work day and night to uphold the safety and reliability of our Autonomous Security Robots, contributing to the overall success of Knightscope in delivering cutting-edge security solutions.  Knightscope truly believes that our public safety professionals deserve the absolute best to support their mission to protect the lives and property of every American – the best tools; the best training; the best technologies; and the best customer service.  Discover the difference – speak with one of Knightscope’s experts today.

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