Private LTE – What Is It and Why Do I Need It?

September 26, 2023

Until recently, private cellular networks would have only been discussed in passing as part of a trade show talk or conference, or as a line item in a technology report a few years ago.  Now that it has advanced past the proof-of-concept stage and is producing solid results for businesses and governments, the topic commands its own conferences, white papers, and webinars.  According to the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) in their February 2023 Member Report, there are at least 1,077 organizations in 74 countries that have deployed private cellular networks… and many more by Knightscope since then!

Finding the most cost-effective and reliable wireless connectivity platform to support Knightscope’s mission to make the United States the safest country in the world is a top priority.  Our Autonomous Security Robots (“ASRs”) are deployed in highly demanding environments where reliable and near-real-time connectivity is a must to protect the places people live, work, study and visit making Private LTE the ideal solution for our use case.

Private LTE benefits include:

     1.     Better wireless coverage than Wi-Fi over large geographic areas, underground and inside buildings or other facilities.
     2.     Improved connectivity between the robot and user interface (“UI”).
     3.     24/7 video streaming without the worry of a carrier throttling the bandwidth.
     4.     Near real-time video performance due to the low latency of Private LTE.
     5.     Near real-time control of the ASR as it moves through its area of patrol.
     6.     Crisp, clear video… some say it is like going to an IMAX theater (ok not as good as IMAX, but it is really, really good!).
     7.     Since the Private LTE network is a network dedicated solely to the ASR, you will never experience low points due to congestion or
            any other issues that come with using AT&T, Verizon or any other carrier to provide connectivity.
     8.     Many of our clients only need to have a single Private LTE access point to provide connectivity and we can have the network up and
             running in less than a day at a very attractive price point.
     9.     Carrier grade security comes with every single Private LTE network we deploy, so rest easy knowing that we are bringing the same
             level of security to our solution that the public carriers use.

Technically, private LTE and 5G networks work the same as the public networks.  Edge devices use wireless spectrum to transmit data to nearby cellular base stations, access points and other network infrastructure.  The infrastructure then carries this data to the enterprise’s internal network over a secured wired connection.  Using this secured connection, data from the edge devices can be sent to various cloud services and applications.

The difference between public and private LTE networks resides in who has a license or priority access to the wireless spectrum, and who owns and operates the network’s base stations and infrastructure.  Therefore, Private LTE connectivity in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum combined with the crime fighting features of Knightscope’s ASR technologies translates into the best possible experience for our clients.  And best of all, you don’t need to manage this network - we will handle the management of, and connectivity to, our platform.  This has the added benefit of enhanced connectivity between our 24/7 Network Operations Center (“NOC”) – the robot doctors – and devices in the field for greater real-time navigation and troubleshooting support if/when needed.

Private LTE networks run at a much higher power than a standard Wi-Fi device and have more sensitive signal strength connecting capabilities, so implementation requires very little hardware to create that wireless connection.  Outdoor parking lots can easily be covered by a single access point.  Parking structures and indoor spaces may require just a few access points. 

Deployments are fast and easy.  We are usually in and out in just a day or two, leaving you with the best possible connectivity in the shortest amount of time.  And one of the best things about Private LTE networks is that they operate in a centrally coordinated frequency spectrum model, as opposed to unlicensed spectrum models like Wi-Fi where neighbor interference is inevitable.

We’ve all been to a sporting event where you can’t even get a call or text out because the airwaves are jammed in data traffic.  A Knightscope Private LTE network takes the offramp and operates at frequencies that are free from any external interference, giving our ASRs the freedom to help you fight crime at the highest level of performance possible.

Allow the Knightscope team to ensure your ASR connectivity experience leverage the latest in wireless technology and connect with us to learn more about how Private LTE can provide the best possible connectivity solution to accompany our security robot services. Book a call or demo today to discover more.

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